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Gunslinger Costume

mens gunslinger-costumeFrom the Clint Eastwood and John Wayne westerns of years gone by, to the more modern versions in Tombstone and Young Guns, what little boy didn’t want to be a cowboy when he grows up?

Well, the bad news is… you’re all grown up and most likely not a full-time cowboy. The good news is… you can sure dress like one this Halloween – which is all the fun of playing cowboy without the saddle sores that come along with it!

A simple cowboy costume can be as easy as a favorite pair of jeans and a button down, long sleeved shirt in almost any color. An added touch would be a pair of chaps, with or without fringe.

Tie a bandanna around your neck, top with the biggest cowboy hat you can find, and dig up those old boots you haven’t worn since who-knows-when, and you’re good to go. Slide a faux six-shooter through your belt loops and you’re ready for anything!

If you’re looking for something a little bit, well, more, channel your inner Wyatt Earp (or catch a rerun of HBO’s "Deadwood”) for inspiration.

Those old timey gents knew how to dress. Wear dark denim jeans, or even black pants with boots for authenticity (or regular shoes for comfort).

Button up a dark fitted vest over a dark collared shirt, and for extra effect, tuck a pocket watch (or just a chain to fake it) into that vest pocket. Over it all, wear a long leathery trench coat (to conceal your Wild West faux firearms), and a matching cowboy hat.

Accessorize with a bandanna around the neck, and a pair of six shooters stuck through the belt, or a plastic shotgun under your coat. There are spurs that can be attached to your shoes, for a "meet me at high noon” dramatic entrance.

A proper gunslinger should look a little world weary and worn, so sport a bit of unshaven stubble, or fake it with grease paint and a stippling sponge. There are also tons of glue-on handlebar or Wyatt Earp moustaches to be worn.

Make sure you pick up both spirit gum and spirit gum remover if that’s the route you decide to go, and keep it with you over the course of the evening if you are new to using such adhesives, as they can be tricky. Wear hair long and loose, if you’ve got it, or consider sporting a shoulder-length wig from under your hat.

Another fun alternative to the traditional gunslingin’ cowpoke is to go as the ghost of Wild Bill, Doc Holliday, or any of your favorite old west heroes.

Cover clothes in dusty baby powder, and make your face and hair up white and gray for a ghostly appearance.

Hollow out cheekbones and around eyes with darker grays, purples, and blacks and you’re sure to be a ghastly addition to any Halloween party!

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