Grow Out Bangs

Here are 7 ways you can grow out bangs with style. A hairstyle with bangs can be flattering to your face, accenting the eyes and even subtracting years from your age. But sometimes after wearing bangs for awhile you're just ready for a change.

Or maybe you're tired of the sensation of having hair on your forehead. If this is the case, you may be ready to take the big step of growing out your bangs.

grow out bangs

Wear An Artsy Headband

Once your bangs look as if they're falling into your eyes, try pulling them off your face with the help of a hair band. There are so many types of hair bands to choose from these days including metal, leather, fabric, and beaded ones.

This is a chance for you to have fun and show your individuality as you grow out bangs. Go to your favorite department store and pick out several interesting hair bands. When you get home, use a molding mud to slick your bangs back so the band can better hold them in place. It also helps to select hair bands with small teeth to clamp down on those stray, flyaway short hairs. Put on a great pair of earrings and you're ready to go.

Become The Queen Of Interesting Hair Clips

These days you have your choice of so many interesting hair clips and decorative bobby pins. Develop an interesting wardrobe of these hair accessories and use them to pin your bangs back when they reach that awkward stage. Growing out bangs won't seem so monotonous when you can vary your hair accessories.

Sweep Your Bangs To The Side

If you've always worn your bangs straight across and they've grown too long, try changing your part to the side. Use styling pomade on your wet hair and use the blow dryer and a round brush to lift your bangs up and to the side as you dry. After drying, apply a light coating of hair spray to hold them in place. This can be a very flattering look.

Color Your Hair

This may sound like a drastic move to help grow out bangs but coloring your hair can add additional texture that will make your bangs easier to deal with as they grow out. Plus, it gives you a whole new look which can be therapeutic when you're dealing with the "in between" stages of growing out bangs.

Continuously Refine Your Haircut

As your bangs grow, gradually angle the sides so they blend with the rest of your hair. Another idea is to add some texture to the rest of your hair to blend with your growing bangs. This can be done by strategically angling and layering which is best done by a professional.

Count on spending a little more time at your hairdresser's during the time you're growing out bangs. A good hair cut can make the process much less painful.

Try Hot Rollers Or A Curling Iron

As your bangs get longer experiment with adding some wave to the front of your hair to create a tousled, windblown look. This will help your bangs blend better with the rest of your hair. Try backcombing your hair and bangs after using hot rollers to add more volume and create a more blended effect.

Wear Your Hair Up

Scoop your hair back into a loose knot and let some strands fall free and blend with your bangs for a sexy, tousled look. This look is almost universally flattering. Be sure to trim your hair on a regular basis as you grow out bangs so your bangs can eventually catch up to the rest of your hair.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 6, 2015

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