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Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo was raised in a time where it was essential for a lady to look classy. Greta never failed to let her fans down in that aspect.

Hats, Scarfs, And Finger Waves

Garbo's locks were always impeccably styled in gorgeous, medium length waves.

greta garbo finger wave hairstyle

This actress was also well recognized for wearing hats and making them a key part of her overall fashion ensemble. Greta knew that a hat could flatter and compliment your look beautifully.

Not only that, a hat is the perfect way to make sure that you are ready to go in no time flat as you do not have to do too much styling to your locks if they are covered!

Although Greta Garbo wore many different styles of hats, she was especially fond of a slouch Fedora.

If you do not feel that a hat is for you, Greta also came up with wonderful ways to work scarves into her hairstyle.

The thoughts that immediately come to mind when one thinks of Greta Garbo are those of soft, gentle beauty and pure feminine allure. Great always looked put together and very womanly.

With her super model good looks and intriguing features, her medium length waves were the perfect choice for flattery. It was during the thirties when Greta Garbo reigned supreme on the big screen and women were searching for new styles.

These ladies did not want to turn to short, cropped locks, nor however did they want long locks that were cumbersome to deal with.

The perfect solution was medium length locks, and Greta like many added a wave for extra flair. This was the time when women could create their waves at home or go into a salon to have their hair groomed professionally.

Many ladies, even superstars chose to make their own finger waves at home, this way, their locks would be styled exactly to their liking. Try the finger wave how to below in your hair.

How To Make Finger Waves Styling Steps

1930's Vintage Finger Waves

  • Shampoo your hair and towel dry. Use a generous amount of hair gel or mousse and work the product evenly through your hair.
  • Begin your waves wherever you desire and start by laying your middle finger flat along your locks. Use your comb and press it against the edge of your finger working in section about the size of an inch.
  • With the teeth down, pull the comb sideways against your finger creating a ridge. Make certain you do not lift the comb during this process.
  • Lay your index finger beside your other finger and press the ridge firmly. Move the comb to a vertical position and comb your tresses out and curve in the other direction.
  • Move your middle finger so you can form the ridge as long as you wish it to be. Skip the space of about two fingers and create another ridge.
  • Follow the direction of the wave directly above the one you are now making. You can form your waves as far down as you would like.
  • Carefully run a comb through your waves and you will be left with a stunning pattern like Greta Garbo's.


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