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Great Mermaid Costumes And Outfits

mermaid costumeWere you in love with the Little Mermaid, whether she was from the Hans Christan Andersen story or from the Disney film? Did you love the idea of having a long and elegant fishtail as you swam in the sea?

Well, with Halloween just around the corner, you can make a real splash when you live out that dream and find the perfect mermaid costume to your party!

Everyone loves a mermaid, and even in the middle of the fall, you can bring around a little bit of summertime fun. There are plenty of options around when you are looking to go as a mermaid to a Halloween party, so make sure that you don't miss out on this great chance to sport a fish tail!

Mermaid Costume Accessories

There are plenty of accessories that you can bring along with you when you are considering a mermaid costume. For instance, what about bringing along some of the denizens of the sea?

Take a look at your local toy store, and make sure that you select a stuffed lobster, shark or manatee to accompany you. You can bet that having something to pet and play with will be fun and you will be surprised how often they might come in handy if you have small kids running around that need to be entertained.

Mermaid Hairstyles

When was the last time that you saw a mermaid who didn't have great hair. If you have some length to your hair, think about leaving it down and putting it into gentle ringlets and waves.

If you need to keep it out of your face, this costume seems to call for jeweled barrettes. If you are looking for some jewelry to really top off this terrific costume, think about something like a long strand of fake pearls that you can wrap around your neck, or the seaweed boa in Accessories below.

Mermaids, The Mythical Beauty Of The Sea

When looking at mermaid costumes, you will find that you have your choice of different skirts that are tailored to look like a shimmering fishtail.

The top can be that fabulous sea shell bra that we all remember from the movies, or you can choose a more corset like cut top, which will emphasize the difference between your waist and the yummy swell of your hips.

Look for the eye catching tones when it comes to choosing the costumes; you can't be shy and be a mermaid, so take some time and think about what kind of effect that you want to make.

Mermaid costumes are great fun and if you want to live out that childhood dream, Halloween is definitely the time to do that!

Great Mermaid Costumes

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