Gloria Swansons Hair A Glamorous Retro Bob Hairstyle

gloria swansons retro bob vintage hairstyle

Gloria Swanson had the art of communicating so much without saying a word. This silent screen star was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe without ever having to speak.

With her glamorous looks and delightful hairstyle, Gloria Swanson captured attention across the world.

Gloria Swanson hair was among the first to be styled in the stunning, short Bob hairstyle. This was the perfect hairstyle for Gloria and the look paid high tribute to her uniquely lovely facial features.

Even though it was definitely worthy of constant attention, Gloria Swanson often chose to wear any number of stylish hats upon her head.

Perhaps her hats were a fashion statement among themselves or maybe they were used to cover up a bad hair day.

Either way, Gloria Swanson’s career and hair shone brilliantly from before the 1920s well into the 1970’s.

The Bob hairstyle that suited her so well, was a look she adopted in the 20’s, and sported into the 1930’s and always was in top fashionable shape.

Gloria’s dark brown locks were a wonderful shade to work with her short Bob hairstyle. The cut and slight waves added depth and shine to her locks.

In fact, in many of her famous photographs, Gloria Swanson’s short Bob hairstyle looks almost blue black in color so intense was her glossy shine.

Gloria Swanson wore her short Bob hairstyle generally with an intense middle part or at times with the part leaning more towards the right. With no bangs to get in the way, this short Bob offered those looking at her a wonderful view of her big, blue eyes.

Many women love to copy the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities. Well, it is simply exceptional to know that if you count yourself as a fan of Gloria Swanson, you can duplicate her style while still remaining in the height of hair fashion.

After all, a classic, short Bob hairstyle such as Gloria Swanson’s, has never gone out of style. An even greater draw towards a short Bob hairstyle is the flexibility it provides and the little amount of styling time required.


Styling Steps - Gloria Swansons Hair ~ A Authentic Retro Bob

Style Hair Steps Wash your locks with shampoo and conditioner formulated to meet your own hair type.
Style Hair Steps Work a handful of mousse evenly through towel dried, damp locks.
Style Hair Steps Starting at the center of your forehead, work the tail end of your comb backwards until you have an even center part.
Style Hair Steps Comb your hair to either side of the part.
Style Hair Steps Use a round brush and a blow-dryer, roll your hair under while pulling gently downward.
Style Hair Steps When your hair is fully dry, you can work a small dab of styling lotion evenly throughout while avoiding your roots.
Style Hair StepsIf desired, use a touch of pomade to pull a small piece of hair onto your cheek to rest in a curl.
Style Hair Steps If your hair is frizzy, some shine serum with work to keep your hair under control.
Style Hair Steps Mist slightly with a soft hold hairspray. This will keep your style in place while still allowing for movement.


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Gloria Swansons Hair ~ A Retro Bob Hairstyle


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