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Girls Twist Hairstyle

This girls twist hairstyle will give you an easy updo for your girls hair. A perfect style for medium to long hair lengths.

A Triple Twist With Messy Buns

Many people were amazed that girls as young as mine (around age 18 months to age 2 years) would hold still long enough and not cry with all the pulling, brushing, braiding, etc.

I found that by doing the girls' hair from a young age helps greatly in this regard. I gave them a squirt bottle of water to suck on and magically the endurance levels stepped up quite a bit.

Over a short time, my daughters became accustomed to all the pulling, twisting, banding, etc, allowing me the time I needed to create all kinds of styles.

As I placed these hairstyles on my girls (I have four daughters now), I decided to take pictures of the dos and kept them in a photo book by our vanity mirror.

I found that each morning before school or church, my girls would rush in and flip through the book to find the hairdo they wanted for that day.

It is funny how it became a menu, of sorts. My friends kept telling me that I should publish that book of photos, but it seemed a little "out there" for me.

Ponytails, twists, flip-unders, braids, messy buns, combos, etc… when I discovered the ease of blogging -- this was my chance to share!

Items Needed Girls Twist Hairstyle: Comb, brush, hairspray, and 4 rubber bands.
Time Required: 10-12 minutes.

This hairdo is one of my personal favorites. I have used this style for years on my daughters and it always gets plenty of attention when we are out and about.

This do has a unique style and pattern that really catches peoples' eye and it holds very well throughout the day. In fact, with a little bit of hairspray and a re-fluff of the messy buns, this girls twist hairstyle is good for a second day as well.

Follow Mindy's Step By Step Instructions Below For A Easy Twist Updo

twist hairstyle step 1

Step 1

Start by parting the hair on either side, just off of center. To part, start with the comb near the forehead and pull straight back towards the crown of the head. Then comb over the hair from both sides of the part towards the ears

twist hairstyle step 2

Step 2

Next, part from the end of the middle part to just behind each ear – essentially leaving an inverted "T" part. This will give you two sections on the front, one slightly smaller than the other

twist hairstyle step 3

Step 3

Place a rubber band or clip around one section (we will call it Section B) to keep it separate but out of the way.

twist hairstyle step 4

Step 4

Starting with the non rubber-banded hair (Section A), part this section into three even groups of hair

twist hairstyle step 5

Step 5

Begin twisting the first section of hair closest to the face. Start at the top of head and work your way down (I find it best to twist counterclockwise away from face), folding in hair from that section as you twist down toward the cheek.

This creates a tight twist against the head. When you have twisted all the way to the bottom of the hair in that section, have you daughter hold that twist out of your way…

twist hairstyle step 6

Step 6

Repeat the process of twisting on the last two sections of hair in Section A. Then have your daughter hold all the twists while you prep for the next step...

twist hairstyle step 7

Step 7

While she holds the twists, divide the back half of head into two even sections

twist hairstyle step 8

Step 8

Now gather up the right side, back section of hair and form a ponytail with the hair

twist hairstyle step 9

Step 9

Then add in the three twists into the ponytail on the back right side and rubber band the entire combo ponytail…

twist hairstyle step 10

Step 10

Twist the ponytail as you did the front three sections

twist hairstyle step 11

Step 11

Then, if you twist hard enough you will find that it is easy to wrap the twist around the rubber band into a bun. It will simply naturally lay into place as you wrap it around

twist hairstyle step 12

Step 12

Continue to wrap the twist around and around (think Princess Leia buns) until you only have about 3-4 inches of hair left. Stop there.

Now secure the bun by tightly placing a rubber/hair band around it. Important: Again, please make sure the rubber band is on tight.

twist hairstyle step 13

Step 13

Now repeat steps 4-11, but on the other side of the head with Section B and the left back section.

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Updated February 9, 2012

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