Girls Short Curls In A Short Easy Bob

So many times you can come across hairstyles for girls that are suited for straight, wavy or curly locks. This can be frustrating for parents trying to find the right haircut for their child that does not exactly fall into one of those categories.

Although it is true that typically most girls will have one of those basic hair types, there are times when a certain child will have somewhat of an in-between texture of hair that can not be placed into a set category.

This young girl for example has what could be classified as loose curls. Her hair is slightly more than wavy yet does not contain full blown curls. Hair texture such as this is actually wonderful to work with.

Girl’s short curls take to many different hairstyle and cuts with wonderful ease. Young girls with short loose curls have more control over their hair than those with naturally curly locks do.

By the same token, they are able to have their hair hold certain styles in ways that young girls with only waves would have to strive harder to achieve.

young girls short loose curls hairstyleYears ago, it seemed as if almost every young girl you came across had long locks. In today’s world where everyone, even girls have busy lifestyles, that is just not always practical.

Girls with short curls can find so many shorter hairstyles that make life simple there is really no need to keep their tresses long. Maintenance and time are saved by far when girls with loose curls wear their locks in a shorter hairstyle.

If your young girl has loose curls like this little girl does, her hairstyle might be exactly what your child needs to show off her loose curls beautifully.

Although at first glance it may appear that this hairstyle is all one length it is not. There are long layers worked throughout that offer up additional body and definition to her short, loose curly hairstyle.

Mornings will be a breeze when you clip your girl’s loose curls short. It will take almost no time to have your child ready for the day with every hair in place.

If your young girl is like most typical children, she will spend as many hours as possible running and playing. With her loose curls cut short, you will not have to worry about her locks becoming messy as she has fun.

A few seconds with a comb is practically all that it will take to touch up her loose, curly short hairstyle as she moves from one activity to the next.


Styling Steps - Girls Short Curls

Style Hair Steps Wash your young girl’s hair with shampoo and rinse well.
Style Hair Steps Apply a leave in conditioner to make combing and detangling her loose curls easier.
Style Hair Steps Use a wide toothcomb to gently detangle and style.
Style Hair Steps A small dollop of mousse or gel can be worked evenly throughout with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Allow to air dry naturally if time allows.
Style Hair Steps If necessary, blow-dry on a low setting scrunching gently with your fingers.

Girls Short Curls


little girls short loose curls hairstyle

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