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Girls Long Hairstyles

There are several little girls long hairstyles that bring out the beauty and appeal of youth.

Hairstyles For Children

These hairstyles are most attractive when ribbons, clips, and other hair accessories are added to the hair. If your little girl has long hair, there are a number of styles that can be implemented.

Here, I will share with you some of the techniques used to develop beautiful hairstyles that will bring out the natural playfulness of youth.

There are many beautiful styles for little girl's long hairstyles. Using the steps mentioned here, and observing the pictures here, you can create many exciting styles that will really bring out the best in your little girl!

Styling Girls Long Hairstyles

The most basic of all styling for little girl's long hairstyles is the integrating of a ponytail, or multiple ponytails.

Generally, this is a pretty basic style that either involves taking all of the hair and sweeping it up in a ponytail on the back of the head.

In many cases, the hair is sectioned off into two sections and each side of the hair is swept up into a ponytail on either side of the head.

If you are looking for a cute hairstyle that does not require a large amount of work, basic back and side ponytails are a great options!

Many parents implement the use of basic headbands and hair clips in order to pull back the hair away from the face and the ears.

Little Girls Long Curly Party HairstyleThis is another hairstyle that is relatively simple.

If you use a headband, it involves just placing the headband on the head and then pushing it back tightly against the head area.

Once the headband is in place, it is important to brush the hair down.

If clips are used, you can take two clips that are identical and section off the bangs into two sections on either side of the head.

Then, you will clip off each side so that the sides match. This is a simple style that can really accent the face.

Styling Little Girls Long Hairstyles

Before styling the longer hair of a little girl, there are some basic styling preparation tips that should occur. Listed below are these basic preparation techniques:

  1. First, the hair should be completely washed. You should look for a kid's shampoo that is easy on the eyes, and does not result in irritation should the shampoo get in the eyes.

    Be sure that the shampoo is placed on the hair and completely worked in on every strand. Then, rinse the shampoo out with warm water.

  2. Once the shampoo has been successfully removed from the hair, you should condition the hair. Once you place the conditioner in the hair, lather to where every strand has been touched.

    You should allow the conditioner to stand on the hair for approximately three to five minutes. Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, it is time to take warm water and remove the conditioner from the hair.

  3. While little girl's long hair is often quite beautiful, it does have a knack to tangle up. Once you towel dry the hair after washing it, you should spray some leave in conditioner all around the hair.

    This will make the hair much easier to brush, and style and it will also reduce the possibility of tangles developing once the hair dries.

  4. Once this has been done, you can brush the hair out. Once the hair is completely brushed, it is time to start the styling process.

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Updated February 10, 2012

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