Gibson Girl Style Updo, How To Style This Soft Romantic Edwardian Hairstyle

gibson girl style updo hairstyleGibson Girl style updos are all about gently tugging the past into the present and providing you with a subtle and romantic hairstyle.

If you have ever heard the words romantic or passionate to describe you and your personality, the chances are more than good that you will love a Gibson Girl updo hairstyle.

Gibson Girl updos are hands down the most romantic and passionate of all the updo hairstyles you could possibly choose for your hair.

Although a Gibson Girl updo is fine to wear for any dressy occasion, they are most often seen worn on very special days that are associated greatly with romance. For example, candlelight Valentines Day dinner for two would be set off wonderfully by a beautiful Gibson Girl updo.

Or how about you’re wedding day? After all, this is meant to be the most romantic and special day of every woman’s life. What could be more romantic than walking down the aisle towards the perfect man, in your dream gown flattered by your Gibson Girl updo?

One of the most essential parts to creating a soft and romantic Gibson Girl style updo is to offer your hair a generous amount of height and body near the back of your head.

A wonderfully formed Gibson Girl style updo can be achieved on almost all hair types.

However, you will find that a Gibson Girl updo is especially easy to create on locks that are full of natural curl or wave.

No matter how old you are, or what your face shape may be, if you are seeking a subtle, romantic hairstyle, a Gibson Girl updo is a divine choice.

Your hair need not be incredibly long to fashion a Gibson Girl updo; however, you will need enough length so that you can create a topknot in your locks.

Generally, this means that your tresses should extend a touch past your shoulders at the least.

A Gibson Girl style is the perfect updo for any event, although it is an especially good choice for romantic evenings and special moments.

If possible, when preparing to style a Gibson Girl updo, work on locks that have not been washed in at least twenty-four hours, as they will hold your hairstyle better.

For women who do not posses natural waves or curls, you will want to use a large barreled curling iron or hot rollers to create ringlets of a generous size around your head. Allow your curls to cool fully before you style.

The Gibson Girl updo hairstyles below are just waiting for you to try fashioning on your own locks. The Gibson Girl updo is often a touch more technical than other updos are to create so you may find yourself calling on a friend for help.


Styling Steps - Gibson Girl Style Updo


styling stepsBrush your hair to remove tangles and gently run your palms with a dab of smoothing cream over your locks for control.
styling stepsBrush your hair in the same manner as you would if creating a ponytail. Put your hand at the crown of your head to keep this ponytail there.
styling stepsHold the ponytail with your hand and gently wrap the tail around your hand. The process of wrapping will create a loose knot.
styling stepsNow, you want to pull the tail through the knot that you created.
styling stepsWhen the hair is pulled through the knot, you will need to push the ends into the middle of the knot and then hold it with pins.
styling stepsWith a comb, gently loosen the hair around the knot until you are left with a soft look infused with body.
styling stepsRemove some strands of hair from your updo and allow them to curl softly, framing your face.

styling stepsMist with spray shine and hairspray for subtle shimmer and hold.


You can decorate your Gibson Girl style updo with various hair accessories if you please, just make sure to implement them before you use hairspray. Your accessories can adorn the front, back, sides or top of your Gibson Girl updo as desired.

Make sure you bring some pins, a comb and a small bottle of spray with you for any emergency hair touch-ups you may happen to run into.

Whatever the reason you may find for needing a romantic look, a Gibson Girl updo will provide the soft and passionate hairstyle you are looking for.

As you can see by the hairstyles featured in this gallery, you can opt to wear your Gibson Girl updo with or without bangs and of course with the ever romantic tendrils of hair softly caressing your face.


Gibson Girl Updo Hairstyles

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Gibson Girl Edwardian Updo

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