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Maybe none of the above.

The Merriam dictionary defines ghetto as; Ghet-to/ghettos or ghettos; a quarter of a city in which members of a minority group live be-cause of social, legal, or economic pressure. Perhaps it is the woman herself and not the hairstyle we are really searching for. In the above definition 2 words jump out at me that I think can connect to ghetto hairstyles These are minority group and economic pressure......


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Are these pictures ghetto hairstyles? Must Be, The Women Are In The Ghetto

.....At one time all women shared the label of being a minority group, we could not vote and there were professional sports we could not play. There were doors of clubs we could not go through and jobs we could not be hired for.

Through economic pressure comes creativity and inspiration, a gal living anywhere without the big bucks to spend on beauty and hair care came up with some pretty innovative ways of making pretty.

If a gal wanted smooth straight hair she would clear the pile of clothes of the ironing board and use the household iron to flatten her locks. I know first hand this works because I spent my teen years ironing my hair instead of the clothes.

Baby Bliss, Solia, chi and others came along and streamlined this into a multi-million dollar hair appliance called Ceramic Tourmaline flat irons.

If you needed a styling product to give your hair some texture and hold, you did not lay in stock of the latest mousse or styling wax, you mixed up a batch of sea salt spray, used that one as well and was always busted when my dad wanted to know why there was "never any dam salt in this house.”

Sedu now sells "Sea Salt Spray’ $15.99 for 6oz.

Your styling tools may also consisted of nothing more than a rat tail comb, so back combing was the base of many styles. Big was better and trampy up dos were the most achieved style. A hot look now on red carpets with celebs in Versace gown trying for a urban style or a runway model in Chanel lipstick trying for a pouty poor look.

I will note one celeb, Amy Winehouse with having a raw and natural look. The look of been there, done that, and survived it.

Hopefully there is a little ghetto in each of us. There was in the women, who paved the way so we can now vote, enter all doors, join any sport and hold any job had ghetto. The girls who ironed their hair or used their dad’s empty beer cans as hair rollers had ghetto.

Don’t search for ghetto hairstyles; go for the whole package a ghetto woman.

I Will Be A Lawyer I Will Be A Senotor I Will Be A Teacher I Am A Doctor
I Will Be A Lawyer
I Will Be A Senator
I Will Be A Teacher
I Am A Doctor


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