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The dream of always being able to get salon hair styles is a nice dream but is out of reach for most people. Not everyone can afford to go to the salon to get their hair styled every time they go out.

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How To Get The Look And Feel Of Salon Hair At Home

Yet you can have a great hairstyle without the financial costs or time restraints of a visit to the hair salon. With the use of a few simple tools and a little knowledge you can easily style your hair and create a look of your own that will look as good as any you can get at a beauty salon.

To start your quest for a do it yourself salon style, seek advice about the length of your hair and what will suit you best. If you have had long hair all your life, don't be afraid to have it shortened to medium length. If you have always had short hair, don't be afraid to allow it to be styled and then allowed to have some length.

Salon Style Products and Tools

Once you are happy with your basic every day hair style, you can then add some tools such as heated rollers, a heated wand or a flat iron to help you add a wave or curl to your straight hair or give your curly hair a straight look for that special occasion.

The products you use on your hair are not as important as how you wash your hair. Shampoo by starting at the roots and working towards the ends of your hair and condition your hair by starting at the ends and moving towards the roots. Be gentle when removing tangles or you can break your hair which not only damages it, but creates a frizzy look and one that makes it look as if it needs a good cut to remove the split ends.

When you dry your hair pat it dry and comb it gently. Let it dry naturally on the days you don't need to style it. Where possible use alternatives to heat to dry your hair as heat dries and weakens hair over time

Lotions and Sprays For Salon Results

Add to your tool kit some styling lotion or other conditioning product that enables you blow dry or heat treat your hair without damaging it. Create a curly look by using the heated curlers and add some waves to your hair by using an electric wand.

Use the flat iron if you want to straighten already curly hair. Using hair spray on limp hair will make it look even limper. If your hair is a little frizzy or you prefer not to use heat on it, then spray a little hair spray on your brush and with your fingers and the brush create a look that gives your hair lift and vitality.

You can have beautiful salon standard hair in just a few easy steps. A good cut, a careful wash and a careful styling regime will get salon hair at home for you and that you will enjoy sporting to both day and evening functions.

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Updated September 8, 2011

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