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Would you like to get celebrity looks without the pain and costs? If you are like me, you would have spent hours wallowing away at the fact that you don't look like Jessica Alba or Katy Perry.

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How Celebrities Look So Good and How You Can Too!

All of these movie stars seem to look incredible no matter when the camera catches them. Even when they are coming back from the shopping center or out in the garden, they look like angels on Earth.

Not to mention the fact that some of them are so thin you have to wonder if they have eaten anything in the past year. So how do they do it because they must be eating right? …right?

With a Little Help from the Doctor

It's no secret that celebrities can afford the "benefits" of plastic surgery, liposuction and expensive treatments but how far does it really go? We all know about tummy tucks, boob jobs, brow lifts and Botox but that isn't where they draw the line. There are some celebrities who are rumored to have in excess of 2 operations a year. That's right operations, not treatments, not in patient procedures but full on hospital stays.

There are so many things out there that the every-day person would have no clue about because the simple truth is that most of us can't afford these things. For example, did you know that there are a number of medium risk surgeries that celebrities use all the time for things like cellulite? Cellulite isn't actually caused by fat, it is a skincondition affected by aging and hormones.

Celebrities often have procedures that involve cutting away the tissue under the skin that pulls it inwards creating dimples and the appearance of bulges in certain areas. So in actual fact, they are a lot like us, just able to have these surgeries more regularly. Your solution? Regular exercise and stimulation of areas with cellulite. Try taking hot and cold showers. This will increase circulation and stimulate blood flow in areas with cellulite.

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Jessica Alba Beachwear

Personal Trainers

Celebrity beauty brings a new definition to the idea of a personal trainer. Although many of us do have a trainer who will work with us at the gym or even at our homes, we aren't high profile enough to have one that will literally dedicate every day to our beautifully sculpted bodies.

Most Hollywood trainers dedicate themselves to two or three celebrities maximum and don't even have to take on that many considering what they get paid! Imagine you had someone to spend with you for hours every day? You'd have a super human body too.

Your solution? Make the time five days a week to concentrate on your fitness. Cardio vascular is a great start and free weight training can even be done in front of the TV!

The Moral of the Story

Taking the time to concentrate on yourself is an important part of your beauty regime. The people who look the most beautiful and get celebrity looks have the basics down. This includes eating right, regular exercise, water and time-saving tips but anyone can look like a celebrity, it just takes a bit more work.

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Published October 19, 2011

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