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Geometric Bias Haircut For An Older Women

older womens short hairstyle
bias haircut older woman
older womens short bias cut hairstyle

Geometric Bias Haircut For An Older Women

Some hairstyles are so well defined that the support is build into the haircut, making these cuts are very low maintenance. The geometric/bias cut for the more mature woman is durable, meaning there is no need for a perm or the use of a lot of styling products.

geometric bias cut hairstyle for an older womanThis type of hairstyle means that the hair is parted before being angle cut. When the hair falls naturally, each section falls back in place, building volume to compliment the overall hairstyle.

This is a modern hairstyle for the older woman and can take years off the face.

This hairstyle suits someone with an oval, round, diamond or heart shape face and it is important to think about face shape and body shape to get the best overall end look.

It suits a woman who has thin or medium thickness hair, preferably straight or with a very slight wave. Light hair colors are usually more flattering to the older woman so, depending on your skin tone, ash blonde, light brown, gray, white or even highlighted hair all suit this cut.

How to Style a Geometric/Bias Cut

This is an easy-to-wear haircut, meaning it requires very little styling and if you are short on time virtually no styling at all because the layers automatically fall into place after washing and conform to the shape of the head.

If you want to take more time to style your hair, use a small radial brush and blow dry the hair under in sections, starting with the back, then the sides and crown.

When blow drying the crown, take a section of a hair the same size or smaller than the diameter of the brush and place the brush under the hair. Have the blow dryer in front of the brush and follow the brush upwards and outwards. This adds volume and softness on the top of the head and is especially important if your hair is otherwise limp and tends to look flat on top.

The rest of the hair is blow dried under, to keep it close to the head and near to the face. Finally, dry the bangs. Make sure you always blow dry the hair sections under, which means turning the brush downwards. This ensures the hair stays close to the head, rather than flicking up or out, to make the most of this style.

You can use molding cream for added texture or simply smooth some wax over your hair to keep it smooth and in place. You only need a little styling produce for this hairstyle, especially if you have very fine hair.

Using too much will make the hair become clumpy and sticky. When applying molding cream to the hair around the face, pinch the ends for a face framing texture and draw them over the cheekbones. Style the bangs to the right for a soft look.

This geometric bias haircut is fashionable yet low maintenance, so it is great for an older woman or one who is very busy, traveling or just someone who does not want to spend more than a few minutes on her hair each day
Enjoy A Geometric Bias Haircut!

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