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Genetics And Aging

Aging That You Can't Control

When it comes to some of the aspects of aging and the condition that it will leave your skin in, there are two factors to take into consideration. One of these you are in control of while the other is out of your hands.

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As we all know, aging is just something that happens and your genetics do play a very important role in how your skin looks as you grow older. In fact, certain genetic characteristics will be set off by things in the environment that you can not avoid.

Many women actually appear older than they actually are because of characteristics that they have inherited from one or both of their parents. This is just one reason that can explain why some people have laugh lines at a younger age than others do, this is genetics and aging.

Intense creases the run along the sides of your nose and or mouth are also often caused by genetics rather than just your age. Forehead lines as well as those along the brow too are generally deeper on those women who’s parents had deep wrinkles in these areas.

Genetic Aging

We have all seen those women out there who have eyelids that droop even though there age is not very advanced. This too is probably a trait that they have inherited rather than a sign of their true age. Sagging skin along the jaw can make a woman look a lot older than she is and this is also yet another genetic symptom of aging.

This sagging often makes someone appear heavier than they actually are as well. It is not just the face that can take on aging through genetics. Other parts of your body can be greatly impacted by the genes that you inherit from your parents.

For example, if your face looks youthful, but in a skirt or shorts you have noticeable cellulite or varicose veins, people may think that you are actually older than you are. This is also true about locks that turn grey prematurely. Even though there is nothing you can do about inherited genes and the effect they may be inclined to have on your appearance, this does not mean that you have to accept the results of aging before your time gracefully.

If money allows, and you have the desire, you can always take the well traveled path of cosmetic surgery to change your appearance. However, if money or other factors deter you from wanting to follow this route, you can choose other methods such as face creams, diet and exercise to help reverse the hands of time.

Do what feels right for you and remember to treat yourself good from the inside out to do as much for the appearance of your skin as you possibly can. Although you can not stop genetics and aging you can make the best of it.

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Genetics And Aging

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