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Be A Proper Moll

Who wants to be on the arm of a gangster when you could be the gangster yourself?

Channel your own inner Tony Soprano by dressing the part of a gun-toting gangster gal this Halloween.

With the right look put together and a hat dipped over one eye, you can pull off a major heist or just win a cutest costume contest.

Every proper gun moll worth her salt knows you’ve gotta start with some sexy pinstripes in black and white or black and pink.

Look for full length, fitted pinstriped pants and jackets. Or try some booty shorts and a cropped vest to show some skin.

Striped or solid black mini dresses with suit collars are adorable, too, and wear an oversized blazer as a jacket if it gets chilly.

If you opt for a short short or mini skirt version of the gangster gear, add some retro flair with back seamed fishnet stockings or tights, or even a garter belt or thigh garter.

Boots are always sexy for Halloween, or lend an authentic touch with two-tone wing tip platform heels in black and white.

To truly get into the swing of things, you’ll need more than just a revolver – dig up a real Tommy gun, just like the kind you’d see peeking out of an ol’ ’49.

Dangle a candy cigar (or a real one, unlit) from between your teeth to show you’re a high roller. And top your whole ensemble off with a fedora tipped to a jaunty angle.

Gangster girl hair can be a cute retro bob, whether your own hair or a sleek wig in platinum or black.

Or a tumble of soft waves is always pretty poking out from underneath a sassy hat. Start by spritzing locks with a bit of setting lotion or spray gel.

Begin at the front of head framing the face, and wrap strands around a large barrel curling iron angling the wave back from the face.

Leave the ends kicked out as you work your way around from the front to the back of hair to add a dab more texture to your ‘do. Finish with a liberal dose of shine spray to leave a glossy sheen.


Costume Inspiration

Gangster Girl Costume Idea

Retro Moll Makeup

A retro gun moll can work a little retro makeup as well. Try a light shimmery shadow on eyelids, and add a slightly winged slash of black liquid eye liner swept across the upper lid.

Add a small dab of shimmery white in the inside corner to bring eyes forward. Finish with a bold, matte red lip to take your look way back to the good ol’ days.

For a more modern twist, take eyes smoky with a smudged out black eyeliner, and a glossy nude lip.

Being a gun moll is a great costume to pair with a partner.

Surely your guy will have no problem with donning a swanky zoot suit to partner with his sexy gangster girl. Michael Corleone, eat your heart out!
Enjoy, dressing up as a gangster girl


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