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Gamine Hairstyles

Gamine hairstyles are sleek and chic styles that are quickly emerging as a very popular choice among many women.

The Gamine Haircut

This style originally emerged in the sixties and seventies as a style fitted for small framed individuals with sharp features.

It gained so much appeal in that time that now it is back. If you are interested in a simple style that will highlight your natural body set, facial features, and natural beauty, the gamine hairstyle may be right for you.

Gamine Hairstyle

Style Steps

Here, you will learn some basic styling steps on how to achieve this particular look.

style steps The first thing that you will want to do when preparing for this style is to thoroughly wash and condition the hair.

This will ensure that the hair is clean, soft, and smooth. This can be beneficial in assisting in the area of holding the hair products that are necessary in order to achieve the style in general.

style steps Once the hair has been washed and conditioned, the next step is to correct the hair to the point in which the part is in place.

The Part on this particular hairstyle is important and unusual from most hairstyles in that it is parted more on the side of the head rather than on the top of the head.

It is best to part the hair for the gamine hairstyle when it is wet in order to ensure that it is evenly parted and easily achieved.

style steps You should take a strong comb and go all the way down the side in order to part the hair. The part should start in the front and extend back to the area of the crown.

Once the part has been achieved, the hair should be combed straight down on the opposite direction of the part, and then combed to the side on the opposite side.

style stepsIt is important to ensure that the hair is cut short to the nape of the neck and that the hair does not extend over the ears at all. By ensuring that the hair is cut this short, you are maximizing the effectiveness of the gamine hairstyle as made notable by famous people such as "Twiggy" in history.

style steps Once the hair has been styled appropriately, it is important to apply the hair products. First, you should use some smoothing shine in order to help hold the hair in place and also to add a glisten to the hair.

style steps Once the smoothing shine has been placed in the hair, you should then apply some hair wax to the hair. This will help hold the style in place. You may even wish to apply some mousse to the hair at this point to ensure that the style holds appropriately.

style steps You should then take a hair dryer and use a "cool” or "low” setting in order to completely dry the hair. This will also help to effectively set the style so that it holds well.

style steps Once the hair is dry, you will want to apply some hairspray all over. This acts to reinforce the style appropriately. Once you have done this, your gamine hairstyle is complete.

If you are looking for an effective style that brings out the best in appearance and personality, the gamine hairstyle will do just that.

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