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Funky Prom Hairstyles, Crazy And Fun Styles

funky prom hairstylesLooking for the perfect prom hairstyle? Maybe you should consider some of the new, cutting-edge funky prom hairstyles that are quickly gaining in popularity.












There are many new and unique styles that are starting to appeal to teens that are looking for the perfect hairstyle for this monumental night.

Here, we will discuss some of the ideas that you can try out. If you are looking for making a statement in style, fashion, and trendsetting on your prom night, this is the article for you.

Color, Color, Color!

One of the best methods of creating a funky prom hairstyle is by implementing the use of funky hair color! Funky as in bold blues, lavish yellows, crisp whites, dangerous reds, and an assortment of other similar colors can be a real defining aspect to the funky prom hairstyle that you are trying to accomplish.

You can dip the ends of your hair in a certain funky hair dye, or create striking stripes, or even dye the top or underside of the hair to create a dramatic effect! There are many different ways to use color to create that truly funky look that you are trying to achieve!


Yes, I know…the entire subject of geometry can be extremely boring and overwhelming all at once. However, when it comes to creating funky prom hairstyles, geometry can be fun and entertaining. Shape the hair in cones, spikes, squares, and other odd and fantastic geometric shapes.

Not only will this add the funky flare that you are trying to accomplish, but now you can show your unique personality, and highlight all those spectacular facial features that you have!

Making the Cut

The cut that you possess can also play a large role in the development of the perfect funky prom hairstyle. Choosing the right cut can mean the difference between the "everyday”, normal, bland hairstyle and the funky fabulous hairstyle!

Choose a style that you want, and cut in accord. You will find that it is simple and effective in creating all those freaky fresh styles that will make you the top of your class at your prom!

Funky Prom Hairstyles Gallery

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