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Funky Black Updo, A Daring And Different Updo

funky black updos

The funky black updo is a great way to achieve a polished up ghetto-type look, yet with a touch of class and elegance. This is a perfect look for the strong, black female that wants to enhance her facial features, and overall beauty.












It is a confident and daring hairstyle that takes approaching the world with trend and flair by storm. This is a relatively simple look to achieve if you know the styling steps that are involved when it comes to creating it.

Listed here, you will find some steps that should be taken in order to achieve and optimize the funky black updo.

Styling Steps 1. The first step that should be taken is purchasing the large, busy hair piece that will enhance the overall look of the funky black updo. While adding this piece is actually the last step in creating this beautiful, funky fun black hairstyle, finding the right piece to enhance the style can be time consuming and tedious.

You may find that it is necessary to purchase more than one piece in order to achieve the same look as the photograph listed on this page. You may even choose to spice it up a little and purchase a piece that has streaks of color in them.

The choice is yours, but you should purchase this piece prior to setting the hair for the style so that you have some direction on where you are going with the style in general.

funky black updos

2. The next thing that you should do is make sure that your natural hair is in top health. You can do this by ensuring that you only use products that bring out the natural appeal and health of your hair.

3. The third step to creating this funky black updo is to take your natural hair and tight braid it all close to the head. You should avoid making large, lumpy braids as this may cause you to lose the overall theme of the hairstyle that you are trying to achieve. You should braid in small, thin braids that are held really close to the head.

4. Once you have the hair braided, it is time to set the pieces and tools in the hair that will hold the hair pieces in place that you have purchased for the purpose of creating the funky black updo.

5. Now that the tools are in place for the hair pieces, add them. Once the pieces are added, you will want to take a wide tooth comb in order to separate the pieces so that you can tease it.

Once this is done, simply take a radial brush and tease the hair so that it seems a little untamed and raw. You may then want to take a hairstyling product such as a conditioning hairspray and spritz the product over the hair pieces to ensure that strands that you have teased out are held securely in place for as long as you want to wear this hairstyle.

This is all there is to creating the funky black updo that will actually put you at the center of attention!


Funky Black Updo

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