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Fun hairstyles are exactly what they sound like- they are hairstyles that are designed to show that you- and your hair, love to have a good time.

Leave the ‘boring’ hairdo’s to someone else and have your tresses be your shining glory. That is not to say though that fun styles are meant to be comedic, but rather they are beautiful and yet still playful. Yes, they may be intense but they are also dramatically striking.

Fun hair styles give you the chance to be bold, brave and as daring as you could ever want to be. You are not stuck with someone else’s idea of a fun style either. You can take any elements that you like from as many different fun styles as you wish and come up with your own unique twist.

After that, stand back and watch to see if other women you know line up to copy the fun style that you invented! Many woman use their hairstyle as a way to showcase their artistic side. There are no constrictions to what constitutes as a fun hairstyle. You can use your imagination to form any hairstyle that you want.

Some women love to go the full distance and have fun styles that are extreme in nature. This can be done by having a fun hairstyle that is made up of two different lengths. How long or how short that you go with your fun hairstyle is completely up to what you want in a final hairdo.

Have Fun With Your Hair

The most important part to remember about fun styles is that they are not restricted by rules or limits, you can do anything you want while remaining at the height of hair fashion. This extreme fun style also plays with color. The main shade of the style is an intense shade with a completely contrasting shade highlighting the fringe.

Color is the perfect way to play up certain features in a fun style. You can mix as many shades as you want to show off any part of your fun style that you desire. Fun hairstyles are not limited to lifestyles that are as extreme as an intense hairdo. If the lifestyle you lead calls for a more sedate appearance, there are ways around that slight ‘problem’.

With this particular fun hairstyle, you could pin the sides back for the office, or even clip them back. However, keep in mind that except for the different lengths, this hairdo is actually very classy and precise. It is also very easy to style, with less than minimal effort on your part, you can get this cheeky hairdo under control and have yourself on the go!

After all, save for the lengthy locks in the front, this fun hairstyle is short, blunt and delightfully simple.

Featured Hairstyle Styling Steps

Wash your hair with products designed specifically for your hair type

Towel dry gently and remove any tangles with a wide tooth comb

Distribute a generous dollop of styling mousse through damp hair evenly with your fingers

With a rounded brush, blow your hair dry in sections

Once dry, smooth pomade through your hair and down over the long chunks in the front

A misting of hairspray and spray shine can finish off this fun hairstyle rather nicely.


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