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French Twist Hairstyles For Elegant Updos

elegant-french-roll-hairstyleA French twist updo is a very popular selection when it comes to wearing your hair up. This is especially true for special occasions such as the Prom, Graduation, weddings and other fancy events.

Not only does a French twist updo look classy; it is a sophisticated and relatively simple updo to wear.

One of the main draws for women when it comes to French twist hairstyles is the fact that this elegant updo hairstyle can be worn by females who have hair that is anywhere from medium to incredibly long in length.

Do not let your short locks stop you from creating a classic and sophisticated French twist style updo. You can always purchase some faux hair and create a French twist hairstyle with these tresses and some well-placed pins.

A French Twist style updo also holds the distinction of being a very versatile look. You can dress your French twist updo up or down as desired. Pull it back tight, implement volume through the crown or use hair accessories to create the exact French twist or roll of your choice.

Also, a French twist style updo can work with any face shape as you can work the look of your updo to compliment your features. Use bangs, parts, tendrils and more to make your outstanding facial features pop out pleasantly.


Styling Steps - Basic Style Steps For A French Twist Hairstyle


elegant-french-roll-hairstyle-stylingUse a comb or brush to smooth your hair back and away from your forehead.

Pull your locks into a ponytail that sits between the crown of your head and the nape of your neck. It should not be centered but rather slightly to the left.

You now want to twist this ponytail twice working clockwise.

With your left hand, grip the base of the ponytail while you hold the end of the ponytail up with your right hand.

Use your right hand to fold about a third of the ponytail from the top down in the direction of your neck.

Fold all of the ponytail down under itself, towards your nape.
At this point, you need to cur the folded ponytail in your left hand. You will want there to be a small void between the ponytail and your head.


Your right hand is now used to push the upper right part of the folded ponytail down into this void.

Keep pushing your tresses underneath your left hand into the void so that the folded ponytail is gently rolling inside of the void.

Your twist can be considered done when you can not fit any more hair inside of the void and the part that was a ponytail is now a tight twist.

A seam is made by placing pins along the right of the roll. Always pin from the bottom up.

Decorate your French twist updo with hair accessories if you desire.

Mist gently with a spray shine for shimmer if you desire.

Spray generously with hairspray for a hold that will last as long as you need it to.

Elegant Wrapped Formal French Twist Hairstyle

Leave out wide a wide front and a wide side section, wrapping around your french roll and pinning securely at the ends.

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