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French Roll Hairstyles, Almost The Perfect Updo

french roll updo hairstyle side viewFrench roll style updos combine sexy and sophisticated in a way that any other updo hairstyle can not seem to accomplish.

In this hairstyle gallery, you will find numerous pictures that give you inspiration when it comes to creating your own French roll style updo.

French roll style updos are often worn by young women to their proms and are commonly seen on brides for their wedding day. In part, this is due to the formal and sophisticated nature of the French roll style updo.

However, it also is because of the somewhat sexy nature of this look. Women love to feel feminine and the French roll style updo is so able to allow you to feel like a lady.

back view french roll hairstyle

Also, the French roll style updo works very well with a myriad of hair accessories.

You can pin on a veil, implement some flowers or decorative combs and it will only serve to showcase your look of the evening to a higher degree.

Many of the hairstyles in this gallery are so easy to achieve all on your own.

You can create a beautiful French roll style updo in so much less time than you would think.

A French roll style updo will hold in place regardless of the whether leaving you assured that you will look just as stunning at the end of the night as you did at the start.


Detailed Styling Steps for the French Roll Hairstyle
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1. In order to start preparing your hair for the French roll hairstyle, it is important to ensure that the hair is completely dry. If the hair is wet, it may not hold the style as well. In addition to this, it may appear "flat” and lack the body that it would have if done dry.

2. The next step to the French roll hairstyle is to take a styling comb, and carefully comb back the hair that is near the forehead. You will want to ensure that you make sure every strand is pulled away appropriately. Leaving just want strand free can result in the whole hairstyle being thrown off.

3. Now, you are ready to gather up a ponytail holder and perform the next step. You want to take the main section of your hair and place it up on the back of the head, using the ponytail holder. In order to maximize the appearance of this style, it is important that you do not center the ponytail. It is best to sort of put it to the left – only not too much. It should be a subtle move.

4. In a clockwise direction, you should take your hand and begin twisting and turning the ponytail.

5. Now, it is time to get a little strategic. In order to complete the next step, you have to tuck and fold the twisted ponytail under itself and pull it back through. Once the "knot” has been accomplished, you will want to take some pins and latch it in place. It is important to keep the pins underneath the head and going up. If you attempt to lock the hair from the top, the style will collapse and you will be required to start all over again.

6. Once the knot of the hair is locked, you should take a free standing section of hair from the side and wrap it around the back of the head to provide additional support and beauty. You will lock the end of this section of hair in place with the same kind of pins that you used on the bottom side of the hair.

7. You should then take another section of free standing hair and simply tuck it behind your ears. This little statement adds a lot of class to the French roll hairstyle.

8. Now, you are ready to get creative. You should make the style stand out by decorating it with an assortment of clips, pins, and more. You may even decide to add a few unique items, like a string of small shells.

9. Once your style is completely in place, you may want to add just a bit of shimmering shine to give a clean, fresh appearance.

10. Once you have completed all of the steps for the French roll hairstyle, you are ready to set it with hairspray and go!

French Roll Hairstyles Gallery


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French Roll Hairstyles Gallery

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