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French Manicure Tips

french manicure tips

French Manicure Tips

Thinking french manicure tips at 4 P.M. on Saturday afternoon? You’re going out to a nice restaurant for dinner at 8 P.M., so you’d like to do your nails, but haven’t yet decided which dress you’ll wear. Do you put off your nails until later? Or choose the dress now to be sure that your nail color complements it? Well, you can do either . . . or neither! A French manicure offers a clean, classic look that will go with any dress in your closet and absolutely never, ever seem out of place or give the appearance of an afterthought.

The French Manicures style differs from an ordinary manicure in three simple, but significant respects:

1. The tips of the nails are filed square across, not rounded or tapered.

2. White polish is used to color the end of the tips. Depending on the length of your nails and your personal preference, the line of white on the tips may be so thin as to be barely noticeable, or may be as wide as to 1/4 inch thick.

Some women with exceptionally long nails (something we don’t recommend) may go even wider. If you opt for a wide strip of white, make sure you brush a smooth, straight line with a clean, sharp edge at the bottom. The white polish goes on over your base, but under the top coat.

3. Clear or very transparent pink polish is used to cover the entire nail, including the white tip. When your top coat has fully dried, buff to a natural shine. If you’ve done your work well, people will have to look very closely to know if you’ve applied polish—or simply possess the most naturally healthy, lustrous nails they’ve ever seen.

The Cut-Off Point for Nail Length

How long should you let your nails get? In general, no longer than ½ inch beyond the ends of your fingers. Long, spiky nails are impractical for day-to-day living, break easily, and almost always look disproportionate to the fingers and hand.

If you are active in sports, do much housework, use a computer, or play the piano, you will be best to stop well shy of the ½ inch mark, and grow your nails out no more than 1/8 inch past the fingertips. This will give you enough nail to shape and color in an attractive, feminine manner, but not so much that you’re constantly fumbling with everyday tasks merely to avoid incidental breakage.

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Updated August 29, 2011

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