Forty Plus Models

Forty plus models are now in high demand. Most modeling careers are short lived; however this is changing. Most think of a modeling career lasting from the teens throughout the mid twenties, and it's true. 

Demand for older models has opened up the market and many models are finding their careers are enduring for the long haul. 

Additionally, many 40 plus models are discovering a modeling career for the first time. 

Modeling encompasses more than just runway. It  also includes catalogs, print work, artist modeling, and television ads, you can easily see that the need for 40 plus models is great. 

The fashion industry is changing, and more designers are choosing to include older models in their runway shows. 

Though mostly dominated by younger models at the height of their careers, there are times when forty plus models are used in runway, however the bulk of the older model's career will be found in other types of modeling work. 

The Mature Model

Forty plus models are often referred to as mature models. There is always a market available for 40 plus modeling, however it might be more difficult finding an agency that represents older models. 

To begin your career as a 40 plus model, you'll need to start by finding an agency to represent you.

You might find that the best way to accomplish this is to simply call the top modeling agencies and ask if they have a specialty division for mature models. Mature models can also be classified in other categories as well. 

There might be big and tall, mature male models, plus size, mature female models, or mature models who are petite in stature. 

One thing is certain, if modeling is your dream and you have the personality, character, determination, and commitment, nothing should stand in your way.

As long as you meet the physical requirements that the modeling agency is looking for, you shouldn't let your age deter you from reaching your dream. 

Forty Plus Models Are In Demand

Whether male or female, 40 plus models are in demand, you just need to know which modeling agency to contact.

If you have a portfolio and tear sheets ready, you might want to see if the agency is actively seeking new talent and whether or not they hold open calls. 

Many agencies will also have special days where they will interview models. You might also find that you can easily contact top modeling agencies online and submit one of your best photos.  Always determine ahead of time what type of photo the agency is interested in. 

Sometimes, they are looking for professional shots, while other agencies might want to see a snapshot taken outside, in natural sunlight, and without any makeup.

Since the photos you submit are your first impression, make sure to send them the type of photo they are looking for. Modeling careers are composed of many different elements.

If a model is unwilling to work in other areas, they may find that their career is indeed short lived.

If a runway model refuses to do catalog work, she or he may very well find their runway career over by the time they reach their mid twenties.

However, if you truly desire a lasting modeling career, flexibility and the willingness to adapt your line of work can help make certain that you remain modeling well past your forties.

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Author: Tanna Mayer

Updated: November 08  2014

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