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Little 5 year old Cora cut her own hair for mommy, with the sweetest of intentions. Here is their submission to When Kids Cut Their Own Hair.

My daughter Cora is five. She had long black hair with soft natural curls in it, that fell right down over her little bottom, very thick very beautiful. My husband has black hair and I have thick wavy blonde hair that falls just past my shoulders- not quite to my bra strap.

the look like mommy haircut

About a week ago I came home from work and told my husband that I was chopping my hair short for a roll in a community theatre play. He didn't seem to mind.

We sat Cora down to tell her that mommy was going for a haircut the following day after work and that she could go to the mall with me and we'd stop at the book store and get her a new book after mommy got her hair done.

So I came home the next day, all ready to go, only to get an email from the director of the play- he'd changed his mind about the haircut. So I figured no big deal, we could still go to the mall and get Cora a book. She'd been home with my husband and I asked him did he want to join us for an early dinner at the mall before I had rehearsal.

We went to get Cora and she was in the bathroom. She's been potty trained since just after she turned two and she uses the bathroom all by herself all the time. After about five minutes of her not emerging from the toilet I knocked on the door to see if she was ok. Sometimes it takes her a little longer when she's pooping.

Cora promised me she was almost done, so I gave her another two minutes. When she still didn't come out I knocked on the door again and told her I was coming in. Well I opened the door and shrieked. My husband came running and had to pull me back from the door frame because I was in breathless shock.

Cora had climbed up onto the toilet and opened the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and pulled out the scissors that I use to trim my split ends and had just chopped off all of her beautiful long black hair. There was hair literally everywhere. It looked like someone had shaved a black silk sheep in my bathroom. We were just so fortunate that she didn't hurt herself with the scissors- she's a very smart girl- but still. My husband quickly took them away from her and she looked like she was about to cry.

Cora Cut Her Hair For Mommy

Cora said "I wanted to cut my hair for mommy so she wouldn't have to cut it alone!" Well as horrified and upset as I was about how her gorgeous hair that she'd been growing since her first real haircut when she was about 18 months old was literally obliterated in some places almost patchy against her scalp- I just wanted to cry at how sweet she was.

God love my husband, who calmed us both down, by immediately getting the chocolate fudge pops from the freezer, and telling Cora that we weren't mad that she cut her hair- but we were upset that she climbed up onto the toilet and then on the sink and got adult scissors that she knows she's not allowed to use- because she could have cut herself or fallen.

Cora Cuts Mommy's Hair!

Well- after we talked to her about making sure that she would not be climbing up on the furniture or using the adult scissors ever again- I felt so horrible about her haircut- because she'd done it for me- that I decided- with daddy's help and supervision- that Cora could cut my hair.

We both ended up going to the salon that night and she has a very very short but adorable pixie and I have a feathery pixie of a similar style- my hubby made sure that when she was cutting she did not cut near my scalp. So now we both have crazy short hair. I cried myself to sleep because she had such beautiful hair but she wanted to make sure I didn't have to cut my pretty hair by myself.

Sweetest girl ever. For Mommy

she cut her hair

Has Your Child Cut Hair?

We have a special page for parents who have kid's that have cut their own or someone else's hair. This is defiantly a time you could use a little support and sharing your story can help. View When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

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For Mommy
Published: March 12, 2015

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