Football Player Facial Hair

football player facial hair


Super Bowl Special: Game Stats of Hairy-Faced Footballers

A quick jaunt around ESPN will have you seeing a whole lot of football player facial hair all of a sudden. Is it a strange coincidence that some of the top players have numbers that are growing at the same alarming rate as the hair on their faces?

Those who follow football closely may daresay that for many of these men, the moustache makes the man. For others, their facial bushes could be to blame for their less than perfect games and lack of media-worthy swagger.

While we highly doubt that neatly trimmed beards and immaculate moustaches have anything to do with their performance, there is something to be said about the hairy situation that football seems to be turning into. Here's a player by player analysis of some of the most famous beards, goatees, and moustaches gracing football fields these days.


Football Player Facial Hair


mlt ben roethlisberger facial hair

Ben Roethlisberger

This Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback hides behind a nearly trimmed beard and goatee. Ben and his football player facial hair made their debut in 2004 sporting a very European goatee and moustache.

Is his immaculate facial hair what led him to become the youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl in all of NFL history? The world may never know.

When he made an appearance on the Letterman show in 2006, he did so without the company of his beard; a clean-shaven Ben graced national television.

After a motorcycle accident that almost ended his career a few months later, Ben returned to the Steelers and led them to yet another Super Bowl Championship; with his beard right back where it belonged.

True story; Ben has a website dedicated to (what else?), his facial hair. The website, known as "Ben's Beard," has 14,000 followers and counting.


mlt randy moss facial hair

Randy Moss

This New England Patriots wide receiver hides his ugly mug behind a moustache and hobo-looking beard.

When it comes to this particular athlete, we can only be grateful that his beard is not as long as his rap sheet.

Known as the resident bad boy of New England, Randy joined the Patriots with a very neatly trimmed beard and moustache. Interestingly enough, the longer he continued his career, the longer his beard got.

No one was complaining though, since him and his beard (no matter how unruly) set the single season touchdown record while he played for the Vikings from '98 to 2005.

With beard ever growing, he later led the Patriots to the Super Bowl.


mlt brett favre facial hair

Brett Favre

Even for those who don't know a thing about football, Brett Favre is a pretty common name. When it comes to football player facial hair, this Minnesota Vikings quarterback is known as the king of 5 o'clock shadow.

When he first entered the football scene with the Atlanta Falcons, his face was clean and his skills were a little less than perfect. Suffice is to say he sucked. After a few years he added a nice little layer of fuzz and enough skill to land him on the Green Bay Packers.

It seems that the more constant his stubble became the more his caliber as a player increased. Perma-shadow in place, Brett won his first MVP in '95 when he led the Packers to their best record in 30 seasons.

Since then, he has led the Packers to a Super Bowl, put up numbers in the Hall of Fame for both the Packers and the Jets, and now he's got the Vikings playing better than they have in years.


mlt nick mangold facial hair

Nick Mangold

This Cousin-It look alike is the center for the New York Jets. You probably aren't familiar with him because his entire face is hidden behind a mangled mess of unruly facial hair. Seriously, this guy's hair precedes him when he enters a room.

The banshee wannabe established his reputation as an offensive lineman in 2006 and seems to have grown on fans; though not as quickly as his facial hair does.

This player and his beard were drafted by the Jets, and all 305 pounds of him nearly had a Rookie of the Year season.

At just 25 years old, he's set for a long career of Pro Bowl-. While that's great news for him, the rest of us must accept the fact that we'll be spending a long time watching Big Foot play football.



mlt ray lewis facial hair

Ray Mangold

In regards to football player facial hair, this guy has got being sexy down to an art. Ray is the middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and his talent and style are second to none. Ray and his pristine bristles have come to be known as a media darling of sorts.

Even after pleading guilty to being on the scene of a murder, "Ray Ray" has a sort of laid back personality and civilized style that make him impossible not to love.

Along with becoming the most dominant linebacker since Dick Butkus, he's also an eight-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl MVP.

Even though he strives to maintain a bad boy image, this well groomed sweetheart and his chic football player facial hair are racking up endorsements of every kind.

For a few of these men it would appear that their facial hair really does affect their skill; particularly in Ben's case. Is it perhaps a security blanket for them that makes them more comfortable on the field? While the rest of us may never understand, facial hair is beginning to dominate the field wherever you look.

Though most players can never hope to look like sexy man Ray Mangold, it's a pity they can't follow his lead when it comes to facial hair. It would seem that fans would have an easier time supporting athletes whose football player facial hair doesn't leave you wondering if they secretly wish they were a Wookie.

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