Foot Spas Product Review of Home Portable Foot Baths

These product reviews of portable foot spas for home use will help you decide if a home foot spa is right for you and if this is a way you would like to pamper and care for your feet.

Home Foot Spa

Nothing can compare to the wonderfully blissful feeling of having your feet pampered.  

However, going to your local salon can sometimes cost you a pretty penny, and you have to worry that the spa hasn’t been properly cleaned.

A great alternative is to invest in a home foot spa.  Many are reasonably priced, and you can pamper your feet anytime you want without having to leave your own home.

The first thing you need to consider is what type you’d like. Some are very expensive, while others with a smaller price tag do just as good a job, if not better.

Dr. Scholl's Sole Sensations Foot Spa 

Dr. Scholl’s Sole Sensations is a reputable and recommended spa.

It comes with three different massage attachments for a roller massage, accunode, and acupressure. 

The reflexology rollers offer your feet a soothing massage, while the multiple settings provide massage vibrations and perfectly heated water.  For around $30, this one is definitely worth a look.

Conair Ultra 

The next to consider is the Conair Ultra Massager Spa. This model offers Air Power, 2 loofah disks, 2 massaging rollers, 5 pedicure attachments, a remote control, and also a storage basket.  

At around $70, this is slightly more than the Dr. Scholl’s model, but is still worth checking out.

Home Foot Spa

Homedic Massaging 

Lastly is the Homedics Massaging Spa.  At around $35, this model is affordable and also worth every penny.  

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Also referred to as the Bubble Bliss, this not only offers massaging action, but also has options for massage or bubbles with heat, or a combination of all three. It also comes with a remote control.

Using Your Foot Spa

Now that you’ve chosen your spa, it’s time to use it.  You’ll need a towel or two, and water.  Your favorite drink, music, book, or television shows are optional.

Fill the foot bath according to the instructions and take it for a spin.  Some baths have heat settings, so be sure to choose one that is most comfortable for you.  

While you let it work its magic, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy one of your aforementioned favorites.

If you are using your bath in an area where water can damage your floors, place it on a towel before beginning.

If you really want to heighten the experience, add soothing bath salts, baking soda, therapeutic essential oils, or even herbs to the water.

When the water cools down, you can either add more warm water, or call it a day. 

When you are finished, dry your feet with another towel, and give yourself a few minutes to savor the last of the serenity before going about your business.

If you’d so choose, top off the experience by slathering on your favorite foot cream Wouldn’t that feel great?

Cleaning and Maintenance

Just as in a salon, your foot bath should be properly cleaned to ensure that a harmful bacterium doesn’t build up. 

Be sure to clean yours as recommended in the instruction manual.

Why waste time and money going to a salon when you can own your very own at home. This is a wonderful way to pamper yourself and relax in the comfort of your own home any time you’d like.


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