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Foot Model Careers

Foot Models

A foot model might be hired to do leg work, or specifically focus on the feet. Foot massage, shoes, nail polish, creams and lotions, are just a few of the advertising needs that require foot models.

Foot Modeling

Since feet support the entire weight of the body, they are often subject to a number of aches, blemishes, blisters, and calluses.

Feet models must ensure that their feet are free of any signs of blemishes, bumps, corns, or calluses. The skin must be smooth and tight and the color or tone of the feet should be even.

HighlightThere shouldn’t be an excessive amount of hair or veins visible on the feet as well.

The shape of the toes and toenails will also be important in determining the success of a model’s career.

The care a model gives her feet will ensure that she continues working. Wearing shoes that fit improperly can cause blisters to arise, making a foot model’s job more difficult.

Additionally, a model must regularly monitor his or her diet to ensure that there are no foods or beverages being consumed that could cause the feet to become swollen.

Salt, caffeine, even alcohol could put unnecessary stress on the feet. Monitoring diet and resting the feet regularly will help ensure that a model maintains the appearance of his or her feet.

Foot Modeling Agencies

As with other modeling jobs, the best way to begin your career is by signing with a modeling agency that features parts models.

Your first step will be in determining the process used by the agency for finding new talent. Some agencies will require a photo either mailed straight to the office or delivered via E-Mail.


Open Calls

Other agencies will hold open calls, where those who are interested can come to the agency and audition. When contacting a modeling agency, ask if they handle parts and specifically foot models.

If the modeling agency doesn't have a separate division, they might be able to recommend an agency that does. Once you have located a modeling agency, make sure to determine their requirements.

If they specify that they need professional photographs, don't try to take Polaroid shots in your backyard. Know exactly what the agency is looking for and be prepared.

Being a foot model is a serious job that offers many rewards, however, it takes plenty of hard work and determination.

Some modeling shoots can require the model to hold a pose for an extended length of time, even several hours.

The model might find that his or her feet become tired, cramped, and sore, but a commitment to the career means that you will endure whatever is necessary to get the best shot.

Determination and commitment are essential to any model's career, and foot modeling is no exception.

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