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Flostat Natural Bladder Control

Flostat Bladder Control

Having bladder control problems can be mortifying, and more people than you might think suffer from bladder leaks. When that happens, they may not want a prescription product filled with chemicals. Rather they reach for a product like Flostat Natural Bladder control to strengthen and calm the bladder using natural ingredients.

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Understanding the Basics

Your bladder stores urine in the body until its full. At that juncture special muscles in the urethra help you control the expulsion process. When those muscles weaken or get damaged, it causes leaking. And while Keagel exercises can sometimes restore some of the muscles normal strength, often that doesn’t prove to be quite enough to keep from leaking periodically.

What Causes Bladder Leaks?

Bladder leaks are a symptom of some type of physical issue in your body. They happen most often after giving birth or in elderly individuals. Childbirth weakens the floor of the pelvis where the bladder muscles lie.

The causes for those leaks in other situations can vary person to person including:
- Urinary tract infection

- Bladder infection

- Constipation

- Prescription drug side effects

- Accidents - Surgery

In all these instances the loss of control may manifest in one of three ways. In some cases a person’s leakage occurs when the muscle gets stressed by laughter or sneezing (for example). In other cases, a person feels they cannot reach the bathroom quickly enough. Finally some people have a mix of these two manifestations of their problem.

Finding Solutions:

If you’re tired of having an overactive, leaking bladder run your life and leave you embarrassed or afraid to even go out, then its time to do yourself a favor and get a powerful ally in bladder control – namely Flostat Natural Bladder Control. This is a high quality formula that supports bladder health while making your life much easier.

Flostat Natural Bladder Control can be used effectively by both men and women. It’s made with soy extract and pumpkin seed extract that’s wholly safe, natural and effective against a weak bladder. Pumpkinseed has been used for hundreds of years in combating urinary tract issues, while the soy works to build the bladder’s overall health.

In studies of Flostat Natural Bladder Control the product was shown to improve urinary tract health within 7 days. Observations of the following five week period (the suggested duration for using this product) continued to show on-going improvements.

What Consumers are Saying: People who have used Flostat Natural Bladder Control express great relief at finding a safe and effective product. Many hated leaving the house for fear of an accident. Others hated the "adult diapers” that are uncomfortable and not friendly to the environment or one’s pocket book. They report that Flostat provided relief from some of their leakage problems, and gave them more confidence to tackle daily life with less worry.

If you’d like to try Flostat, the company offers a free trial size that arrives swiftly to your home. And if you’re worried about buying the product outright, don’t be. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee that’s spelled out at their web site. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting bladder control product, click here now:

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Flostat Natural Bladder Control

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