Flattering Facial Hair

flattering facial hair

Get Your Whiskers on: The Right Razor Cut for Your Face

There is such a thing as flattering facial hair and it's amazing how a sharp razor and a little know-how can completely change your look. Just like getting a new haircut, a new facial hair look can either flatter your best feature or bring out your worst.

It's important to remember 2 things:
1. Your facial hair should offset the shape and features of your face
2. Just because you can create a certain look does not mean you should; the Van Dyck look you've seen everywhere? Just because it looked great on Mr. Rourke does not mean it's the look for you.


Facial Hair Styles


mens circle beard

The Circle Beard

Basically this is a small beard that creates a circle shape by connecting around the mouth to the moustache. Somewhere along the line it also ended up being called a "door knocker."

This particular look is great for square faces since the round shape helps to offset sharp jawlines and add arches.

To get this flattering facial hair look, you'll want to grow a full 2 to 3 inch beard and then trim and shape it. Always use your smile lines to make sure everything is even.


mens goatee


So named because it resembles the stylish beard that billy goats have been pulling off for years, the goatee is simply a very small chin beard.

This look flatters round faces by making the face appear more elongated; it even distracts from double chins.

Getting this look is simple as well; shave your cheeks and upper lip entirely and then shape a patch of hair around the chin until you get your desired look.


mens balbo beard


Subtract the connections on a circle beard and you're left with a beard and a moustache each standing on their own; otherwise known as the Balbo.

This flattering facial hair look is great for adding some curve to square and oval faces.

The simplest way to get this look is to start with a circle beard then shape it the way you want it. Don't forget to shave the connection between the beard and moustache- otherwise you're just a Balbo wannabe with a circle beard.


mens vandyck beard

Van Dyck

You can thank a 17th century Flemish artist for this particular look.

If you are trying to add curves to a square or oval face, the moustache and pointed goatee offered by the Van Dyck may be just what you need.

Getting this look is another that requires a lot of growing out time. Just like with the Balbo, it's easiest to give yourself a circle beard, shave the connections, and then shape what's left until it looks the way you want it to.


mens chinstrap beard


For those in need of lines and angles for their round or oval face the chinstrap may be the key.

This flattering facial hair style is a line of hair that begins at the sideburns and runs along the entire jaw.

Getting this look is easy- shave everything except your jawline and shape it the way you want it.


mens soul patch beard

Soul Patch

This 50's look has made a large scale comeback and works for any and all face shapes. The soul patch is just a small patch of hair under the lower lip in a circle, square, or triangle shape.

To get a flattering facial hair patch of your own, shave everything except your lower lip and then shape it until it is perfectly symmetrical.

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