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Fifties Hairstyles For Older Women

older woman fifties hairstyle
older women fifties hairstyles
fifties hairstyle

Older Women and Hair During the Fifties

No matter what their age, women liked to look fashionable, and the older women of the 1950s were no different. With the increasing prevalence of the television in many homes, women could see what was fashionable and what was in.

older womens fifties hairstyleRegardless of age, many women decided that they felt like keeping up with the new styles that were coming in.

For many women, getting older was no excuse for looking sloppy or ill-maintained, and their hair was a large part of that.

During the 1950’s, many older women would prefer to rinse their hair instead of tinting it.

With a good color rinse, their hair could get deeper color, increased shine and an added liveliness to the color that was still there.

This could help their hair look brighter, even if there was gray threaded through it, and it gave a wonderfully bright and healthy look to hair that was already in good shape.

A good rinse could be done at home, and it would last a few shampoos before it would need to be done again.

For women who were seeing an unattractive dullness to their hair because the gray was overtaking the former color, the use of a silver tint could bring the some life back to the look. In some cases, women would take care to bleach the rest of their hair and then to condition it back into a smooth soft look.

Most women would not leave the bleached hair as it was, which could be a rather uneven yellowish white, but would instead choose to give it a very, very pale silver, yellow, or in some cases, an extremely attractive pale blue.

When it came to styling, many older women decided against the home perms, choosing instead to go the beauty shops where there hair could be rolled. Perhaps the ladies at the top of this page look so dismayed because they were unable to make an appointment!

older womans fifties hairstyleConsidering the fact that some women made a weekly ritual of going into the beauty salon, it is easy to see why this might be a difficult habit to give up. For many women during this era, long hair was something for younger women, but their shorter locks would still be meticulously styled.

The styling choice of fifties hairstyles that many older women made was to put finger waves into their short hair, and this is a fairly simple, if time consuming style to replicate.

You can take wet hair in fingers that have had gel applied to them, and you can comb hair into ridges or waves.

This is only the start; then you will slide a lock of hair over your middle finger and then comb the hair back over it.

Your finger should be snug against your scalp, and the tighter you can make your hair, the more tight your finger waves will be. You may wish to start at the temples and work back to get this wonderfully classic look.

Take your time and take a look at how older women chose to wear their hair during the fifties. Older women had a style of fifties hairstyles all their own, and it was a classic of the era.

Older Women's Fifties Hairstyles

Older Women's Fifties Hairstyles

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