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Female Bikini Models

Female bikini models can find plenty of work showcasing the latest fashion and trends in swimwear.

Bikini Modeling

However, they are often used simply for marketing benefits.

There's no doubt that sex sells, and most men will agree that a woman in a bikini ranks high (if not tops) the sexiness scale.

Therefore, bikini models are always in high demand and can find plenty of work.

From promotional modeling, magazines, and catalogs bikini models are always in demand.

The requirements for bikini models are different from that of a traditional model, however many traditional models are required to model in bikinis at some point in their career.

Bikinis are often featured on the runway, and a model who graces the cover of Sports Illustrated has her career set in gold.

However, bikini models are considered to be a specialty division of modeling and there are models that work solely in bikini modeling.

Bikini models are akin to fitness models and must be in great shape. They also don't need to fit the same height requirements as traditional models.

Bikini models can be as short as 5'4 and up, the height and weight isn't the issue, it is the tone of the body and how the model looks in a bikini.

Also, many female bikini models have a bigger bust than traditional or standard models do.

Where a 34 B is the average or preferred bra size for traditional models, bikini models can have a cup size of C and larger, depending upon the type of modeling being performed.

Many companies hold casting calls for bikini models, and many girls with little or no experience can land swimsuit and bikini modeling gigs this way.

You might find that the best way to ensure that you only work for reputable companies and photographers is to sign with an agency.

Since unscrupulous magazines and photographers frequently target bikini models, signing with an agency is your best source of protection.

Your agent will ensure that the modeling jobs and assignments provided to you are legitimate

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Updated May 9, 2012

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Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida are known for being home to many bikini models and have several modeling agencies that specialize in this type of modeling.

Models from these areas are in high demand, as they are usually tanned and toned, and are already accustomed to working in the sun.

Many photographers will look to these cities when selecting bikini models.

If you are considering attending modeling school or working with a reputable agency, consider Los Angeles and Miami first.

It's important to realize that modeling can either be a full time career or a hobby.

If you intend to model full time, then you can make certain that at some point in your career you will be asked to model in a bikini.

Additionally, those who want to choose bikini modeling as their sole focus should consider bikini modeling as a hobby and not a career.

Though the finished result of bikini modeling looks glamorous, it often isn't an easy way to become rich.

Bikini modeling is hard work and sometimes it can take a long time to land the gig.

When you estimate the time you spent looking for a gig with the amount made from the assignment, you might find that it is difficult to look to female bikini modeling as your sole source of income.

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