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Faux Hawk Styling

Doni's hairstyle shows how you are not stuck in one style, she styles a faux hawk for her new short pixie hairstyle

donis faux hawk

I just stumbled across this site today, looking at faux hawk pictures. I just recently cut off over 10 inches of my hair and got a pixie cut.

When I did my faux hawk for the first time (in the picture I've attached), I found it easier for me to do it when I hadn't washed my hair for a day. My hair tends to be more malleable when it's not been washed.

My hair is rather thick, so I really didn't need to use much in the way of hair products.

I separated the middle from the sides and sprayed a little Garnier Fructis Root Lifting Serum at the roots and teased it just a tad. Next, I used my hands to maneuver my hair up.

If it starts to fall, I'll add a little J. Crew Pomade and hold the hair up and between my palms. When it's standing firm on it's own, I spray it with some hairspray. Not alot, because I don't like the hard, crispy hair look.

I also don't paste down the sides, as that's more masculine to me, so as you'll see in the picture, I leave it out and framing my face and ear.
Love your site! ~ Doni

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