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5 Minute Office Beauty

Here are some fast office beauty tips to help you get your look together for work in the morning. We all know the drill. Waking up in itself can be a difficult task, let alone getting up, managing to everything we need to in order to get ready and still looking beautiful on top of it.

In the same breath, it is important to look our best for work because looking good can help us project a professional and neat appearance in the workplace. So how do you overcome the morning runaround and look great at the office every day? Well, you follow these easy office makeup tips of course.

Beat those open pores

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your skin looking beautiful is to wash your face with cold water. This makes your pores immediately contract and gives you the appearance of smoother skin. This can be done before applying a quick matte foundation. This is also a great trick when it comes to a quick fixer upper. Try it just before an important meeting and see the difference it makes.

Lash Tip

Most of us don't have time to sit and put a full range of makeup on our eyes and sometimes, it isn't appropriate for the office. Put a little bit of foundation at the tips of your lashes and apply your mascara over that. This way, your eyes will still pop only far more quickly. If you get time in the car, put some liner under your top lid for a dramatic effect. Using a form of petroleum jelly can also help. Apply it to your eyelid just over the ball. This will draw attention to the eyes without shadow.

Quick Style Your Hair

Doing your hair is probably the most time-consuming part of the morning. Instead, you can try a number of tricks. Does it need a wash? Looking oily? Put a little bit of baby powder in your hair and work it through the roots where it shows the most. Just be sure you don't get it on your clothes.

Does it look flat and lifeless? Swing your hair forward and tie the top part up. Take a comb and brush it against the hair underneath effectively teasing it where no one can really see. The top layer should still be perfectly intact but run a comb over the top just to be on the safe side and voila! Body.

If your hair looks dull and matted, try vinegar. You can put it in a spray bottle and give yourself a quick squirt before brushing and heading out. Not only does vinegar bring a shine to your hair but it also helps close up the follicles and protect it.

Just remember, this can also make the hair dry which means more conditioner next time you wash. There are also a number of conditioning sprays that can be bought at reasonable prices from local stores. Look at you! You're ready to go. Try these quick tips any day of the week but remember, the best time saver is getting yourself ready the night before.
Enjoy, fast office beauty

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Published August 27, 2011

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