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Fall Nail Trends

French Manicurte With dark Tips

Fall nail trends for 2012
offers something for everyone.

The Polish Wardrobe Changes

Temperatures may still be on the rise, but it won’t be long until you’re all cuddled up in cozy sweaters and back in your favorite boots and leggings – and some of us can’t wait until those leaves start to change color.

And once the fashions start to change, beauty will follow suit – read on for some fabulous, on trend manicures chock full of varied color and funky texture to pair with your autumnal wardrobe.

A year-round staple in every fashionista’s polish wardrobe is always dark and vampy nail colors, and the fall nail trends is no exception.

Wear nails tidily filed short and square in stormy shades of wine, berry, midnight blue, and almost any nearly black shade. Other hot colors are tangerines and teals for fall.

Another universally flattering color that’s taking center stage is understated nudes – also called “mannequin hands.”

Try very soft pinks, beiges, and soft golds for a subtle statement that is perfect for girls on the go, as it shows very little chip wear.

Whimsical nail art has evolved into a very chic aspect of trend spotting, and can be very simple to do on your own.

Go crazy with polka dots in a dusky teal hue or classic black and white or try color blocking with black, pink, and white.

Additionally, skinny brushed polish bottles are excellent for striping and swirling nails with various patterns. Get creative!

Glitter Is Back

Glitter has come back around for fall nail trends, and is not just for junior high school anymore.

Try sparkle encrusted jewel tones, or more subtle, multi-colored clear glitters.

If a full set of dazzling talons is too much for you, try another fun trend – the party nail – by painting only one finger on each hand with a full-out glitter polish, while leaving the rest of your nails one solid color.

French Manicures

Half-moon and French manicure shapes are also popular for fall, but with a twist.

Frenchies are kept shorter and the white tip has been ditched and switched for deep ruby, black, and even sparkly metallic silver, while the base of the nail remains blissfully neutral.

Half-moon nails this fall keep the color near the base of the nail bed, while leaving the rest of the nail nude or even completely bare.

Nudes, Glitter, And Textures

Textues And Prints

Textured, printed nails also ruled the runways for fall 2012, and offer limitless possibilities.

Try incorporating overlays of actual lace, or mimic the feel of vintage leather with a shiny over matte crackly manicure.

To rock a fully printed nail, try some of the fun nail stickers that are available (like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips) in patterns like leopard, houndstooth, and florals.

Fall Nail Art

They are incredibly long-wearing, and very easy to apply like a pro.

Rainbow nails are fun to play around with as well – just paint each nail a different color.

You can mix and match combinations in a variety of ways, either alternating two or three colors, or each hand a contrasting color.
Enjoy, the Fall nail trends

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