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Fall Makeup Looks

Fall makeup looks are going to extremes this fall, and it's up to you how far you'd like your envelope pushed as the temperature drops.

Fall Makeup Trends 2012

The overall looks pull from the past and future, and the effect is a little bit "Mad Men meets Mad Max."


Extreme Embellished Brows

On The Extreme Side ~ embellished brows
Paris Fashion Week Womenswear
Fall/Winter 2012 - Chanel Runway

Recently brows have been emerging as a fun feature to play up.

Whether you're brave enough for embellished brows or appliqué brows or would rather stick to enhancing what you've got with a your-brows-but-bolder look, this season is a great time to experiment.

Try a brow powder to beef up your natural shape – they tend to be more forgiving than harsher pencils, and with a soft angled brush you'll have lots of control.

Shadow Shades

Orange is a hot shadow color for autumn, whether it's a warm tangerine or something slightly more day-glo.

Try a single shade smudged all over the lid and a bit in the lower corner, and top with a few coats of your favorite mascara. A sheer gloss or nude matte lip will finish the look.


Rich Deep Fall Lip Color

If a bold lip is your bag, try a deep blackberry color – it's the perfect antidote to the bright and cheery cherry reds of summer.

The hottest shades have an almost chocolatey undertone, and are totally wearable when paired with bare lids and a pale cheek.

The total look is less perky pin-up girl and more all-out vamp, whether you go glossy or creamy matte.

Make sure to pair deep lip colors with matching lip pencil to keep color in line and extend staying power.

A Little Mad Men, A Little Mad Max

Fall 2012 Makeup Look

Color Blocking

Color blocking is huge in fashion, so it was only a matter of time before makeup followed suit.

The classic smokey eye has gone from basic to bright with multiple pops of color and shapes that creep up above the crease for fall makeup looks.

Try a simple charcoal eye with a shot of matte purple or blue in the outer corner or just under the inner brow.

Fall Smoky Eyes Plum And Green

Over-smoked eyes may feel like more than you can manage, and if that's the case you can still hop on the color blocked bandwagon with slashes of bold, geometric eyeliner in bright blues and even whites as well as basic black.

Try winging your outer and inner corners, top or bottom lash lines, or wear a line so thick it almost covers the whole lid. You can even skip spots and line just the outer corners.

Liner junkies with especially steady hands can try double flicks in varying thicknesses and layered colors as well.

Try using a bent skinny brush slightly dampened and dipped in shadow or loose pigment to practice your lines.

Fall Neutral Makeup Look

The Minimalistic Fashionista
And if you're more of a minimalistic fashionista, you'll be pleased to know that fresh and natural looks are on the table for fall makeup looks..

A smidge of rosy blush, a pass of neutral shadow, a couple swipes of mascara and a dab of lip balm and you're on point for the season.

But, truly, whatever looks you're raring to rock, the one trend that never goes out of style is well-cared for skin, so be sure you're keeping your canvas exfoliated and well-hydrated as the seasons change.

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