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Fall Hair Trends

Messy Bouffant Hairstyle

Have a peek, Fall hair trends for 2012

The Look Is Ultra Feminine And Flirty

Hairstyles for fall are running the gamut from simple and unfussy to hair that's styled within an inch of its life – but the one thing all the hottest trends have in common is a super feminine flirtatiousness.

Twists and braids were hot for summer, and can easily be transitioned into fall beauty.

Fall Hairstyle With Braids

Try two basic French braids to keep hair off your face (or disguise in-between length bangs), or experiment with some of the funkier new waterfall and snake braids, or fake a headband with a halo braid. For less skilled fashionistas, roll hair into coils around the crown.

Ponytails Will Be Perfect

Side View Smooth Ponytails For Fall

Ponytails never seem to go out of style, and the most current look is a low and smooth and a little bit perfect.

Use some smoothing, anti-frizz creams and a flat iron to keep things sleek, and finish your 'tail with anything from a pretty bow, to a few wrapped strands around a basic elastic.

Or try the super sweet, squeaky clean center or side parts that were huge on the runway, either tucked into a placid pony or with locks left loose.

Back View 2012 Fall Ponytail

Color Will Be Lowlight

Fall Hair Color LowlightsAnd if you're a girl who likes to change her color with the seasons, lowlights are in for the fall hair trends.

Have your colorist work some darker colors into your hair to cool it down along with the temperatures.

Style Inspiration

Bouffants Are Big

Blame it on Adele or the lovely ladies of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price, but the big and fabulous bouffants of the swingin' sixties are back in a big way.

To create your own sky-high locks, you'll need to master the art of the tease, with either a rattail comb or teasing brush.

If you're backcomb-phobic (or just believe even bigger is even better), you can try a volumizing powder as well.

Just a little dab at the roots of hair will help beef up your strands and pump up the texture. Finish off with a demure little headband, or twist the underside into a retro updo.

Messed Up Bouffants

All Up Bouffant For Fall

Also en vogue for fall hair trends this season is the anti-bouffant – low-volume, undone styles.

Let your part fall naturally and go easy on the product while embracing your natural texture. At last the fine-haired gals have their moment!

Gravity defying, windswept updos are also very happening for the season.

Try deliberately loosened strands whipped into piecey abandon and accented with fun and funky embellished hairclips and pins, and the headbands that will be popping up everywhere in the coming months.

Bangs Will Be Blunt

Blunt Bangs For Fall

Blunt bangs are the hot ticket for fringe this fall and are flattering on just about any face shape.

Wear them lash-skimming or just above the brow to add edge to any hairstyle.

To keep cowlicks tamed, try a smoothing balm and a blow dryer, or even a mini straightener for extra unruly hair.

Summer to fall is a great time to try out some fun new styles, and adapt the hottest new trends to suit your own personal look and taste.

So don't be afraid to branch out with the 2012 hairstyles and play with your hair!

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