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Facial Hair Removal, Methods And Techniques

Female facial hair removal is one of the most common beauty concerns there is. Many women have excess facial hair and more often than not, the desire a way to remove this extra hair. Thankfully, there are many methods and techniques that ladies can use to effectively remove their facial hair.

There are many locations on the face that women can grow facial hair. Typically, you will find excess facial hair on a woman’s eyebrows, chin, her upper lip, inside of her nose and on her cheeks.

It is really an individual opinion as to if a woman considers her amount of facial hair to be a problem or not. However, typically if the hair on a woman’s face is darker than her skin, she generally will not be happy with an excessive amount.

For men, the general method for hair removal tends to be shaving.

There are so many different brands of razors available on the market geared towards males. Not to mention the fact that men can find numerous creams, gels and foams geared towards making shaving easier.

The same can be said for soothing products meant to be used after shaving to protect their skin from irritation.

Women do not have as easy of a time as men when it comes to determining how they should be rid of the facial hair they do not want. Some men are even open to alternative facial hair removal methods.

The chin, upper lip, along the sides of the face and the chin are the locations where a woman will usually see any excess facial hair. For women, shaving really is not the best source of removing facial hair.

Plucking is also not the best way to remove facial hair as excess facial hair tends to be rather large in amount. Plucking would take the average woman far too much time.

Generally the methods of choice tend to be waxing, depilatories, electrolysis, and laser treatments for women on their face. These techniques are more suited to removing hair in larger areas.

If you are looking for a method that is cheap you can opt for depilatories which tend to be an inexpensive option. However, be aware that when you use depilatories to remove facial hair, you will not have results that last very long.

You will also have to ensure that you are careful as if they are not used properly, depilatories can irritate your flesh or even cause burns on your skin.

Electrolysis and laser treatments will permanently get rid of your excess facial hair because they cause damage to the hair follicle, which results in the hair being unable to grow. The downside of these techniques however is that they are expensive and take repeated treatments before the hair stops growing back.

facial hair removalIt generally is affordable though if you work it into your budget as the area on your face where you want hair removed from is not too big.

Waxing is a popular facial hair removal technique for both men and women. When you wax, the hair is pulled out from the root. Although waxing will not cause the hair follicle to destruct, and you will see new hair growth eventually, it will not show on the surface of your skin as quickly as with other methods.

The results of waxing usually last for a few weeks. If you are willing, you can wax your own face at home. Many people however prefer to visit a trained professional in a salon type setting.

Facial Hair Removal
Any one of these methods is suitable for removing your excessive facial hair. If you have facial hair that you are not happy with, choose your favorite method and your skin will be smooth in no time at all.

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Published Monday, November 17, 2008

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