Facial Exercises

Facial exercises can help you tone your face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Are you worried about getting wrinkles on your face? Are you wondering what you can do to prevent those wrinkles? Or maybe you already have a few wrinkles on your face and you are wondering how you could reduce them.

Facial Exercises

In the midst of all the discussion about Botox, face-lifts and home remedies, is there something that you have never even considered as a way of preventing wrinkles? Need a hint? What about facial exercise?

If that’s your response, then this article will help you understand how facial exercises can help you keep wrinkles away and also tell you about some wonderful exercises. 

What Works For Your Body Works For Your Face

As you have often heard, exercises increase blood circulation, tone up the muscles of the body and keep the body fit. While everyone is exercising the body, the face is often neglected. 

So you need to do some exercises which particularly target your face. They increase the blood circulation to the face, tone up the facial muscles, increase the elasticity of the facial skin and keep wrinkles away. 

What is the right time to do facial exercises? Every time is the right time. You can do them while watching television, while taking a break from work or while traveling. Just make sure that you do them for about 20 minutes everyday to keep wrinkles away.

5 Easy Facial Exercises

To keep wrinkles away, you need to exercise each and every part of the face. Here are 5 easy exercises for the different parts of your face.


The first signs of wrinkles are often under and around your eyes. You can tone up the muscles around your eyes by this exercise.

Press two fingers, at the temples, on both sides of the eyes and pull them back very slightly. Flutter your eyes by rapidly opening and closing the eyes. Do this about 50 times and keep wrinkles away. 


To keep your cheeks toned and wrinkle-free, try this exercise.

Fill some air in your mouth and then slowly release it. Practice this about 10 times. You will feel a little warmth in your cheeks which is sign that the cheek muscles are being stretched and toned.

Mouth And Lips

Exercise For your mouth and lips - Keep the area around your mouth and lips free from wrinkles by this exercise.

Say an exaggerated "EE”, "OO” and "AH”. The idea is to stretch your lips as much as possible, so the movements of your mouth and lips should be exaggerated. 

Chin Area

Chin exercises for your neck and double chin - This facial exercise will keep the wrinkles away by toning up the muscles of your chin and neck.

Sit with your back and neck straight. Tilt your head backwards and look up at the ceiling. Now move your lower lip over your upper lip as far as possible. 

Hold it for 5 seconds. Relax. You will feel your neck and chin muscles getting a good stretch with this exercise. So why won’t they keep the wrinkles away! Practice this exercise 5 times. 


Here’s an exercise for keeping wrinkles away from your forehead.

Lie down and look up at the ceiling. Open you eyes as wide as possible and lift your eyebrows. Hold for 2 seconds and then release. Practice this exercise for 10 times and see the lines disappear from your forehead.

Give This Facial Workout 2 Weeks

You can exercise each and every part of your face with this facial workout. You might feel a slight tingling or warmth after doing these exercises. Don’t get worried! It just shows that the exercises are working at keeping wrinkles away.

Regular practice of these exercises will increase the elasticity of your facial skin. Many woman have seen a difference in 2 weeks. 

And of course, don't frown, don't be sad, keep that stress under control and generally be happy! These will certainly keep those wrinkles away. 

Author: Tanna Mayer

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