Face Skin Problems From The Sun

Face skin problems can be caused by all the that fun in the summer sun.

It seems as if almost everyone enjoys summer, and really what's not to like?

Traditionally, summer is the season for barbeques, vacations, and any other form of outdoor fun that you enjoy.

Unfortunately, partaking of all of these activities in the hot summer sun also leaves your skin with damage.

Elements such as sun, heat, wind and even chlorine can all leave you with skin that is anything but healthy. Instead of approaching Autumn with a glowing complexion, your flesh can look dehydrated and splotchy.

When sunlight penetrates your skin, free radicals are created; these form collagen and elastin to collapse. This is what can form wrinkles, age spots and drooping flesh.

When your skin suffers damage from the sun, the best way to reverse the effects is antioxidants. Antioxidants work to battle free radicals and can be found in Vitamins B, E and C. They can be ingested internally or placed on the skin topically.

Face Skin Problems Dry, Dehydrated, And Splotchy By Summer

A good way to fight off early signs of aging is by using products that have Alpha Hydroxy Acids and or Vitamin A.

Age spots that you already have can be minimized and new ones can be thwarted from forming when you use lightening products on a regular basis.

Heat and wind can do a lot of harmful damage to your skin. They often work to mar your skin through dehydration, which occurs because water evaporates from your flesh when the weather is hot and windy.

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Chlorine Damage

Swimming in pools is also an excellent way to cause additional damage to your skin. Chlorine can cause extensive dryness in your skin especially if your flesh comes into contact with it on a regular basis.

Chlorine speeds up moisture loss within your skin, it does this by taking moisture from your skin as it evaporates.

The good news for those who love swimming is that there are ways to fight off the effects that chlorine can have on your flesh.

One way to reverse the effect of chlorine is to use moisturizers that are rich with antioxidants. Antioxidants motivate the natural defense system in your skin and prevents it from dehydrating and drying out even more.


Using a moisturizer that is composed of vitamins B, C, and E as well as with humectants and lipids are highly suggested.

Humectants pull water into the skin while lipids work to inspire the production of collagen and also aid the cells of your body to hold water.

Together, they are the perfect addition to any moisturizing product. The best moisturizers are those that also have emollients as well as silicones.

This is because emollients and silicones lock moisture in and guard your skin against elements and dehydration.

One of the absolutely best ways that you can take care of your skin and prevent dryness as well as premature signs of aging is by consuming large amounts of water.

If you are not sure how much water is enough, the generally accepted rule is that you should be drinking on average, half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

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Face Skin Problems
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Face Skin Problems