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Fabulous Hair E Book

fabulous hair

If you are like most women and tired of spending money and time each month on new hairstyle products to get fabulous hair then this E Book is just for you.

You will discover that the real secret to fabulous hair begins from the inside and not always what you apply on the outside.

Learn how vital hair care is and by maintaining a healthy diet high in vitamins, protein, and minerals can keep your hair in top condition. Print out the food that is rich in the essential ingredients your hair will love.

Fabulous healthy hair also needs proper handling and care, with regular shampoos and conditioning treatments and avoiding hair damage. This book is packed with tips to help you achieve tresses that shine and feel like silk to the touch.

A Look Inside Fabulous Hair E Book

arrow Finding A Hairstyle That Suits You
The right style for your face shape can make or break your look , included are photos, sketches and tips that will help you determine your face shape (round, square, oblong, heart, diamond and oval face shapes), and your hair type and texture to get the style that makes your look perfect for you.

arrow A Quick And Simple Updo
Learn a very fast and simple updo and you will never be stuck for a style again for your nights out or any special days that come along. Included are diagrams and styling techniques that you will find easy to follow.

arrow Creating Curls
Learn a few tricks that will have you creating curls in no time.

arrow Hair Straightening
Learn how to get sleek straight hair.

arrow Hair Extensions
Learn all about the different types of hair extensions and the proper way to care for extensions at home.

arrow Coloring Your Hair
Learn about adding highlights or coloring your hair with the included color charts and the ten levels of color plus tones that refer to the warmth of a color or the coolness of a color.

arrow Looking Younger With Great Hair
Learn how choosing your most flattering hair color and style can take years off your looks.

arrow Solutions To Common Hair Problems
And we all have at least one! Learn how to beat split ends, say good bye to dandruff and how to deal with hair that is on the dry side or the oily side.
Enjoy, Fabulous Hair

Fabulous Hair Is A Value Priced E Book With Immediate Download


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