Eyes Burned With Brazilian Blowouts


Just had a Brazilian Blowout and knew it was too good to be true, after discovering that it's laden with a plethora of carcinogenic toxins.

My eyes burned profusely as the procedure was being done and breathing was rather difficult; akin to sniffing ammonia. For a few hours afterward, my scalp felt sun-burned. Suffice it to say, I will not be doing this again.

Comments for Eyes Burned During Brazilian Blowouts

Terrible burning in my eyes by: Anonymous
I had terrible burning in my eyes when I had my Brazilian Blowout done several months ago. I had NO eye make-up or any type of face lotion on. I could tell that the BB must have a lot of nasty chemicals in it, as my eyes shut (I could NOT open them at all) and tears streamed down my face.

My eyes burned and watered by: Anonymous
While I was having a Brazilian Blowout done several months ago, my eyes burned so badly that I had tears streaming down my face and physically couldn't open my eyes at all for several minutes. It felt like what people describe tear gas does to a person's eyes. The stylist turned on several fans, but the irritation had already taken place. I will never have a BB done again.

Remove Eye Makeup First by: Catherine Hi Kate,
"My eyes burned profusely as the procedure was being done" Were you wearing any eye makeup? I had the Brazilian blowout done and made the mistake of wearing eye make up and mascara, my eyes burnt so bad I had to hold wet kleenex over my eyes. No, I would not have it done again. Catherine ~ California USA

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brazilianblowoutThe Brazilian Blow Out Is It Safe?
On October 07 2010 Health Canada issued a warning for the Brazilian Blowout having unsafe levels of formaldehyde ~ 12%. A level not safe for patrons or for stylists.



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