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Eyelash Transplants

Lashes Eye Lash Transplants

Many individuals consider having eyelash transplants in order to achieve fuller, longer, thicker lashes. Many who are focused on their appearance and the eyelashes that they desire will enter into a cosmetic eyelash surgery with little or no information regarding exactly what they are getting in to. If you are concerned about your appearance, and are considering the possibility of transplants, you should keep reading.

Cosmetic Surgery

Originally, an eyelash transplant was not intended as a cosmetic-type surgery. This type of service was offered for individuals who needed surgery to overcome hair loss in this area of the face due to burns, injuries, diseases, and other types of traumas. In many cases, individuals who were deprived of their eyebrows or eyelashes as a direct result of medical procedures were also prime candidates for eye lash transplants.

However, as the years progressed, this type of surgery was opened up to individuals who sought cosmetic improvement through medical procedures. If you have considered this option, it is imperative that you carefully research this option. You may be surprised to discover that there are many risks that are associated with this type of medical procedure. First, you will have to undergo anesthesia that is considered to be "local". This basically means that you will be awake during the operation, but this area of the face will be numb, as well as any other part of the body that will be used for the procedure.

Then, hairs will be pulled from another area of the body – such as the head, leg, etc….These are the hairs that will be used to integrate with your natural eyelashes. This procedure will then lead into the hairs being placed in the appropriate eyelash areas on the face. Many medical professionals claim that the surgery is relatively painless, and that is true. It is not the surgery that causes discomfort to you once the procedure is being performed; it is the bruising as well as the swelling that happens immediately thereafter. In addition to the pain during recovery, the area may feel irritated.

lilash before and after picturesHowever, it is not advised that you scratch or rub the area due to the frailty of the hairs that have been placed there. Sounds like a lot to go through just to get longer, fuller eyelashes, doesn't it? Women who have undergone this cosmetic procedure have mixed feelings about the results. In many situations, the new eyelashes may not even merge successfully.

Most of these participants will inform you that this procedure is not worth it. You do not have to despair though, there is now a natural and effective way to achieve the "look and feel" of naturally long and full eyelashes. This is made possible by a new product that is called "LiLash" available through it's developer Cosmetic Alchemy.

This product is a natural stimulator for the eyelashes. It is created using a purified and patented formula that has been created by a team of professionals. LiLash is a completely mild formula that keeps the individuals who are sensitive to mascaras in mind. There are no side effects such as itching and irritation when this product is used.

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Updated May 30, 2011

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