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The New Eyelash Salons

A whole new beauty trend is popping up in the hippest salons from Texas to Tokyo Japan – namely New Eyelash Salons!

Now you can have a day that’s wholly dedicated to your eyelashes. In fact, the eyelash extension industry is one of the fastest growing services in the cosmetic industry. Red carpet events this year (including the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the Cannes Film Festival) bore testimony to this growth with diamond tipped lashes, deep smoky eye looks, and all manner of long, lush false lashes.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are the bread-and-butter of the new eyelash salons. These are not what you think of when you think "false eyelashes”. Instead eyelash extensions, made from synthetic eyelash strands, are applied individually.

This creates a natural look (that has to be touched up about every two weeks). They are the cutting-edge in making your eyes look younger and more stunning. In the new eyelash salons eyelash extensions get applied by a certified professional so that the process remains safe and beautifully successful.

Other Services: Along with applying eyelash extensions your eyelash salon professional can also apply mascara, eyeliner, eye powder, brow tinting, and a whole lot more.

Some have begun offering permanent makeup and group packages so that you could treat your entire bridal party to a makeover and some serious pampering. Or, perhaps a group of you want to go to the salon before the infamous girl’s night out so everyone is drop-dead gorgeous.

Clients and Costs:

The average age of women getting eyelash extensions ranges from 18-30. No matter the age, however, you’ll always find a mover-and-shaker at the high-end eyelash salons. Be it a movie or television star, or a board-room-trail-blazer, these shops scream high fashion, sexy and stylish.

Cost wise, a lot depends on what you want. The average first appointment for mascara-look lashes (up to 90 lashes total) costs about $200. If you want the lashes colored or adorned with crystals that’s an extra service. Tints, for example, are about $25.

Maintenance isn’t cheap either – refilling the lashes is about $50 (40 lashes), and getting a new set as a return customer runs around $150 (depending on the salon, of course).

With costs in mind, it’s good to shop around and look for a salon with well-trained certified professionals before making an appointment.

Is it for You?

If you’re thinking of trying a new eyelash salon yourself for a special treat, it’s good to take advantage of any pre-treatment consultation offered. This will help you understand what to expect in the way of maintenance, and also give you the opportunity to refine the exact look you want when finished.

If you’ve been bemoaning your lack luster lashes, extensions will certainly give you a whole new look. So if you want to really give your eyes a treat – go for it!

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September 11, 2009

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