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Eyelash Extensions Is There A Safer Way To Longer Eyelashes?

lilash eyelash treatmentWomen everywhere enjoy the overall look and feel that is associated with thick, full, sexy eyelashes. Many women obsess so much over this that they consider implementing the use of eyelash extensions.

If you are considering using these types of extensions, you should think twice about it. Here, you will learn about eyelash extensions and the reasons to avoid them.

In addition to this information, you will also be introduced to a product that can provide a natural "extension” to your eyelashes.

The first thing that you should know about eyelash extensions is that the whole process is not nearly as easy and efficient as it looks.

As a matter of fact, it is a tedious job that actually takes up quite a bit of time. Yes, you can purchase over-the-counter eyelash extensions, but this often results in a bigger mess than most individuals are willing to contend with.

Generally, when extensions are used, an individual makes an appointment with a professional in order to have the task completed.

When you arrive at the professional who will be attaching your extensions, you will spend hours laying down as the person performs the work.

This work involves taking each extension and placing it on each eyelash in an individual fashion. This can take as long as approximately three hours.

While it may seem like a small price to pay for long, beautiful lashes, there are other "environmental-type” elements that you will endure.

This includes the fumes from the adhesives being used, irritation to the eyes, as well as any discomfort associated with the glues that are being used.

lilash before and after picturesThere is a product that many people have found to be a safe and effective alternative to eyelash extensions. This product is called LiLash.

This is a mascara product that has been patented with a unique formula that is designed to enhance the look and feel of the eyelashes.

It is said to provide stimulation and conditioning to the eyelashes. By using a variety of special ingredients that are effective for the health of the eyelashes, one can apply a coat of this mascara daily and within weeks see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their eyelashes.

This is the safest and most convenient way to extend the eyelashes. The next reason that standard lash extensions should be avoided is that they can actually result in breakage and other types of damage to the eyelashes.

In addition to this, extensions require consistent maintenance. Eyelashes naturally grow and replenish themselves at least once every two months. When extensions are being used, this type of product may hinder the natural growth and health of the lashes. These types of products require heavy maintenance and care in order to keep the beauty intact of the lashes.

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