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pretty lashesThe traditional eyelash curler is a mechanical device that is hand operated.

Using them involves opening the curler by spreading the handles or finger loops, placing the eyelashes between the top padded area and then gently squeezing and holding without pulling for several seconds depending on the degree of curl you intend to set.

It is useful for the cosmetic purpose of curling the eyelashes, generally the upper eyelashes are the only lashes curled with eyelash curlers.

These types or mechanical eyelash curlers have been around for years.

There is a multitude of beautiful eyed individuals who would never dream of applying their eye make up without the use of eyelash curlers.

Eyelash Beauty Tips ~ Hot Eyelash Curlers

It is very beneficial and popular these days to heat the mechanical eyelash curler with a blow dryer before application. However, when doing so, you must be extremely careful not to overheat the curler before applying it to the area of the eye, since this can cause burn damage to the area, which could very well damage the eyelash follicles and the eyelashes as well as the skin.

Heated eyelash curlers are available today that are battery operated and easy to use. They come in an assortment of styles, shapes and sizes. Heated eyelash curlers also have safety mechanisms to reduce the risk of any damage.

These types of eyelash curlers are battery operated and are self-heating and can be easily carried in a purse or pocket. Having one makes curling your eyelashes quick, easy and efficient.

No makeup artists tool kit would be complete without an eyelash curler. You can create the smoldering hot, sexy eye appeal you want by using your favorite eyelash curler today!

Tips For Using An Eyelash Curler

Always check the instructions of a eyelash curler product to find out whether or not they can be safely heated when you plan to pre-heat using a blow dryer, before you do so.

Some of these items can be and some cannot be heated in such manner. It is best to make sure before making your purchase.

If you want your children to have longer lashes, you will drink plenty of orange juice and eat lots of omega 3 foods while you are pregnant.

Eyelash Curler Maintenance

After each use you should gently wipe away any residue from the padded curler pads or cushions with a dry tissue paper. This is a simple procedure when you do not apply mascara to your lashes before use.

However, if you do apply mascara to your lashes before using an eyelash curler, you can simply use a smidgen your mascara remover to remove the residue from your eyelash curler. Gently massage the curler pad with a very small amount of remover and then gently wipe away the residue with a dry tissue paper.

When making a purchase of an eyelash curler you should always remember that as with any other tool that endures continual use, your eyelash curler will wear out eventually.

The frame may last you for years, however the curler pads generally wear out within three to six months with regular use in applications.

Applying mascara before applying your curler tool will wear out the pads sooner. You will know that it is time to replace your curler pads or cushions by their appearance. Wore out curler pads become worn by loosing their firmness and strength and then begin to fall out of the curler frame.

Eyelash curler producers make replacement eyelash curler pads or cushions available. When purchasing your eyelash curler, you should always consider buying replacement pads.

Eyelash Beauty Tips

Using a eyelash conditioner or eyelash primer on short eyelashes increases the appearance of having longer lashes.

You can create fuller longer looking eyelashes by first applying a light coat of face powder to your lashes after curling them and before applying your mascara. Try it, it does work.

Brushing your eyelashes after applying mascara and letting it dry aids in separating the eyelashes making them appear fuller. You can also stimulate the growth of hair, including eyelashes by drinking plenty of Orange Juice.

The use of an eyelash curler will enhance the appearance of your eyelashes making your eyes appear wide open and brighter. Before applying your mascara you should comb and separate your eyelashes for a more becoming appearance.

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