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Eyeenvy Eyeshadow Appliques Sets, The Newest In Eyeshadow

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Getting the Look With The New Press On Eyeshadow Appliqués

When you are in a place where you want to make sure that you are striking, stunning, and ready to knock them dead, you will find that one great tool that you might be interested in using are the EyeEnvy Eyeshadow Appliqués by ColorOn.

eyeenvy exotic eyesadow applique kitThese lovely peel off, easy to apply eyeshadow products will give you just the right touch of glamor when you are ready to go out for the evening, and you will find that you are looking at some real beauty and variety when you are thinking about what look is going to be perfect for you.

The Eyeenvy Eyeshadow Appliqués were designed by a celebrity make-up artist, and now you will find that you can duplicate the delicately gorgeous look that has been sported by so many stars.

Each kit will come with five pairs of different eyeshadow appliqués, a jar of GetSet Setting powder and an application brush. You will also get step by step instruction booklet that will tell you exactly how to get the look that you are interested in creating.

When you are looking at the Eyeshadow Appliqués, you are going to discover that the colors are perfectly suited to a night on the town.

The material used is 100% hypo-allergenic, and you will find that they'll last you until dawn, if that's how long you're out!

The application will leave it completely smooth, giving you a flawless swathe of skin under your eyebrows, and when you are looking for a vision of pure elegance and class, this is a great way to get it.



Simple And Easy Eyeshadow Application

Something that you might not expect from this exotic tool is the fact that it is simple and easy to apply.

No matter how practiced you are, you will find that giving that perfect arc of color over your eye is no where near as simple as they always make it look.

Do you know how the color will look on your skin, and are you able to apply it with perfect uniformity?

You will find that using these lovely appliqués are perfect when you are in a hurry but don't want to give up on looking stellar. They can be applied in a matter of minutes, and you'll be ready to head out the door.

Beautiful Eyeenvy Eyeshadow Appliques Colors

You will also find that there is a wide array of variety that you can choose from when it comes to looking at Eyeshadow Appliqués.

Maybe you are interested in the lovely Smokey shades, or you prefer something more severe, like the shades that can be found in Rhapsody in Grey. You may be interested in bold colors of the Flaunt Kit, or you might find yourself gravitating towards the cool greens of the Tropics Kit.

Of course, when you really want to get attention, check out the camouflage and zebra striped prints of the Exotic Kit. Take some time and think about how theEyeenvy Eyebrow Appliques can mix with your personal style; don't miss out on this great innovation!

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