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Eyebrow Restoration

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Eyebrow restoration replaces what was lost and returns a person's face to normal balance. Eyebrows are an under-appreciated part of the face until something happens to them.

What Causes Eyebrow Loss

There are a variety of circumstances that may cause eyebrow loss. These include: burns - accidents - over-plucking - radiation - disease (including autoimmune) - genetic disorders - skin conditions - hormonal problems - pregnancy - fungal infection - lice - heavy metal poisoning - too much Vitamin A

Before eyebrow hair restoration can be considered, the cause of the problem must be evaluated in order to be certain the process will work for each individual. Note that some people experience none of these problems but chose to undergo eyebrow restoration for cosmetic purposes.

Methods of Eyebrow Hair Restoration

There are a variety of methods for restoring eyebrow hair. The easiest when some hair remains in the brow area is simple cosmetics. Find an eyebrow pencil in the same shade as the brow and draw in hairs using short strokes. Follow the ridge of the bone for a natural looking curve. There's no question this is a fast, inexpensive fix (albeit temporary). A second option is getting an eyebrow wig. These are made very similarly to hair wigs but may be pre-made (commercial) or individually shaped (custom) specifically to fit a person's face. Commercial eyebrow wigs run just over $30.00 a pair.

The third type of restoration is tattoo. This is a permanent approach that's not overly costly. However, you need to find an artist with a light hand who's adept at drawing hair. Because this tattoo is located in full light on the face it may fade over several years and require touchup.

The last two types of restorations are a hair transplant and scalp-to-eyebrow pedicle flap. Of the two hair transplants are far more common. Tiny strands of skin with hair get removed from the scalp and grafted into place on the eyebrow ridge. Once the transplant heals it will take some time for the brow transplant to begin looking natural. As with any hair, trimming will be necessary to maintain shape.

Scalp-to-eyebrow pedicle flaps come from a person's temple region complete with a blood supply attached. This is grafted into place. Once stitched, the blood supply from the pedicle helps the healing process along. Either procedure can cost upward of $5,000.00.

Eyebrow Restoration Risks

If you decide that the surgical approach to eyebrow hair restoration is the one for you, be aware that there are some risks involved. Most problems with transplants occur during healing – namely infections. Additionally there may be some permanent scars or numbness associated with the procedure. While such problems are uncommon the best way to avoid these risks is by being meticulous with your post-op care.

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Updated June 30, 2011

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