Eye Model Careers

Eye model careers have been excellent choices for many men and women. An eye model is used for many purposes. When a cosmetic company wishes to show mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow techniques, they use an eye model as opposed to a face model. 

Eye Model

Also, when companies are advertising eye treatment remedies, or creams that effectively prevent crow's feet or wrinkles, they frequently hire eye models. 

For those who wish to enter the world of parts modeling, an eye model is a popular choice. Symmetry of the eyes is very important for eye models.Both eyes must be the same shape and size.

Additionally, the skin surrounding the eye area must be tight, giving a youthful appearance. Some women are prone to dark circles or bags underneath the eye area. If you are committed to becoming an eye model you must make sure that you take care of your eyes. 

Eye Care

Not only is it important to have been born with smooth skin around the eye area, you must make sure that you take steps to prevent your eyes from becoming puffy.  Caffeine, a lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet can take its toll on the eye area and wreak havoc on any eye model careers.

Some women find that when they cry their eyes become red and puffy or they might have various allergies.  All of these can cause the eyes to lose their luster and beauty and ruin an eye model's career. Taking care of your body from the inside out will ensure that your eyes remain in their best condition. 

Eye Model Careers Start With An Agency

Eye models are represented by parts modeling agencies, the same as hand models, leg models, and feet models, etc. Yet, not all parts modeling agencies represent eye models, so you will need to call parts modeling agencies and inquire as to whether or not they represent eye models. Most eye models are over the age of eighteen, so be sure to ask if the agency has an age requirement as well.

Once you find a modeling agency that represents eye models you might be required to submit photos. Do not have professional photos of your eyes taken this is often unnecessary. 

The modeling agency will let you know what type of photos they need, and if they require professional shots taken it will be after you have signed with the agency, not before.

As with any modeling agency, always double check the agency's reputation with the Better Business Bureau to make certain you are signing with a reputable company.

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