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Eyeshadow Videos ~ Using Color


How to Mix-up Different Colors of Eye Shadow
Learn how to mix-up different colors of eye shadow
Mixing Eye Shadow Color

Eyeliner Videos

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner - Crystal Wong's Cat Eye
Liquid Eye Liner Model

Ford Model Crystal Wong shares her method of creating a cat eye with Urban Decay's liquid liner. Perfect your prrrrs and meows!
Liquid Eye Liner


Mascara Videos


How To Properly Apply Mascara
Are you always ending up with clumpy lashes and lashes that are stuck together when you apply mascara? This video will show you how to properly apply your mascara and avoid the clumps for good.
Apply Mascara


Mascara Application Techniques
We receive many request on how to do the zig-zag mascara technique that is used by many professional makeup artists on celebrities and models. This video will show you just how they do it.
Mascara Application Technique


Celebrity Eye Makeup Videos


Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial: Shimmery Brown Eyes
Here is how to do Kim Kardashian's shimmery brown eye makeup look.
Kim Kardashian Makeup


Kim Kardashian Make Up
Kim Kardashian's does a great sexy smokey eye make up, watch this make up tutorial to do smokey eye makeup inspired by Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian Make Up

Costume And Dress Up Eye Makeup Videos

Dark Circles And Baggy Eyes

Highlighting Eyes Videos

Holiday Eye Makeup

Mac Eye Makeup

MAC Eye Makeup Tutorial Featuring Dame Edna Wisteria Trio This smokey sky blue eyes tutorial has shadow colors dramatic yet subtle enough for any color shy makeup lovers.
Mac Eye Shadow


MAC Sultry Green Eyes

Create a sultry eye look using products from the Blond, Brunette, Redhead Collection from MAC.
Mac Eye Shadows

Sexy Eye Makeup Videos

Smokey Eyes Videos

How to Create Dramatic Black Smokey Eye Shadow
Learn how to create a dramatic Smokey eye look using Makeup Forever products.
Dramatic Black Smokey Eye Shadow

Eyebrow Makeup Videos


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