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Eye Lash Facts On Growth And Loss

We went searching to find some of the most interesting and helpful long eyelash facts that we could come up with. Hopefully, you will find them interestingly worthwhile and eye-opening and maybe even some that are tempting enough to try for yourself.

Do you know that the lifetime of a single eyelash ranges out between 150 to 200 days with the majority of them being shed in about 135 days, just like other types of hair?

However, every now and then there may be a hair that survives for a short time longer and it is possible for an individual hair to grow faster and longer than others around it.

The number of eyelashes on each lid range widely as the top eyelid usually accommodates approximately 150 to 200 individual hairs, while the bottom eyelid may have somewhere between 75 and 100 hairs.

Hair protects any area that it covers, including eyelashes from anything that might cause the body harm. For instance, sunlight bounces off the hair of the eyelashes to protect the eyes.

Eyelashes also protects the eyes from pollen, dust and other harmful foreign particles. Speaking of eliminating problems with sunlight or foreign substances entering the eyes, you should always wear sunglasses as they are useful and protective in most cases.

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This is especially true when you live in sunny or dusty locations as well as in fog filled cities. Another interesting long eyelash fact is that eyelashes are made up of keratin, which is 97% protein and 3% water.

You should avoid any risky activity that exposes your eyes and eyelashes to harm. Keep in mind that any damage to the hair follicles of the eyelashes can cause long term consequences. You should always use more natural means of protecting, conditioning and stimulating the growth of your eyelashes.

For instance, you should not use glues to attach lashes to your eye lids as this can cause damage to the hair follicles growing beneath. However, there are some really interesting types and lengths of eyelash extensions and transplants that are useful when you have already suffered damage to the soft living tissues of the eyes and eyelashes.

Celebrity Eye Lashes

Have you ever wondered how celebrities apply their eye make up to create such amazing appearances?

According to some of the very talented makeup artists of beautiful women, in order to create that wistfully long celebrity eyelash look, you will first apply a very thin coat of mascara to your eyelashes after conditioning, priming and separating them of course.

Let this dry and then using gentle pressure curl your eyelashes with you favorite eyelash curler, whether it is heated or unheated. However, using a heated curler does provide better results when maximizing the degree of curl.

This is especially true when using the more modern rounded eyelash curler cushions. Very gently you will remove the eyelash curler from the eyelashes, one by one if necessary, do not rush removal.

Remember to always be gentle when working around the eye area, including the eyelashes. After curling your eyelashes, you will then apply another coat of mascara. Separate the lashes by combing and then apply another layer of mascara.

Repeat until achieving your desired results. However, in general, many makeup artists will use only two last coats, since the first coat lengthens and separates while the second coat is used for thickening the lashes.

And of course, there are those times when false lashes and extensions are used to create lustfully long lashes.
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